Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Single Life :: essays research papers

The case-by-case LifeA typical mavin Person in the media is comm scarce portrayed falsely in my opinion. They argon shown living daily with fundamentally no worries. If they were burdened with something, it is not significant, and is usually ridiculously non-important. An example is that they only come outed to be worried with is finding dates. If that is the worst thing I cook to be worried with when Im older, then Im not too scargond about getting older or being single. On many T.V. shows the main focus of an episode has to do with a guy face for a girlfriend, or girl looking for a boyfriend. That doesnt happen in real life. I typify sure slew look for dates of to get hooked up, but it doesnt occupy their whole mindset.It seems that on T.V. single people have no responsibilities. They always focus on insignificant materialistic things. Clothing, jewelry, and money are the main topic of discussion or concern. Single people seem quite independent on shows. They appear free to run nigh freely, unburdened by commitment. On Friends they seem to have plenty of meter to sit around and talk about things all day long. And of feed in there is Seinfield, the ultimate show about absolutely nothing. None of them are married, but they are portrayed as living perfectly blissful with the smallest of problems. They are portrayed usually as sexually active, and make it seem ok to peacefulness around. Almost every T.V. show has someone quiescence with another person. It is made into a joke to be a tramp. T.V. has kaput(p) from Leave it to Beaver where the parents slept in separate beds, to now where unmarried couples and strangers sleep togetherI think this is a bad example for the single people of our society. It sets the tone that people will be ok if theyre single. Of course the world will not end if some people are single, but we want to strive to have people married.

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