Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hawaiian Navigation Essay example -- Ancient History

Hawaiian NavigationHow did the Polynesians find their way to Hawaii, over two thousand miles from each other land? Was it over population at home, or political turmoil? Whatever reason for leaving these people used amaze knowledge and skill of the sea and of the sky to navigate them to this new land. They set about the unknown and braved into the wide-open ocean for long periods of clipping. The real focus in this paper is on the water travel techniques that they used in these voyages throughout the peaceful. Its unsufferable to teach several(prenominal)one the significance or the act of loving the stars and the ocean but thats what makes navigation without instruments (wayfinding) so beautiful. One can give the sector a meaning his own meaning says Nainoa Thompson. Anyone can learn the aspects of navigation through personal observation and the study of ch prowesss and maps. Thus creative persuasion and logic are two important skills in learning the antediluvian art of wayfinding. It is inspiring to think of how much water the Polynesians covered in the Pacific, over one million square miles, in a time frame of about 1000 age. Some members of the modern Hawaiian community were so impressed that they established the Polynesian Voyaging Society in 1973. They did some voyages throughout the Pacific without the help of instruments for scientific re explore and education. The topic was so interesting to so many people throughout the South Pacific that the voyages became more about recovering culture and about teaching the art of wayfinding so that it is not lost in time. Revival of InterestA serious rebirth in Polynesian culture and traditions arouse afterwards the voyages by the Hokulea. In 1975 a replica of a Polynesian voyaging can... ... circumference. As long as people care about whats going on in the Polynesian revival of culture there will be growth. There will be energy left for people to search out the answers to our questions and the lost secrets of these amazing people who found these islands over 1,500 years ago. ReferencesBaybayan, Chad, Kawaharada, Dennis. ( May 1996 ). Polynesian Voyaging Society Manuel. Honolulu, Hawaii Polynesian Voyaging Society.Finney, Ben. (1994) Voyage Of Rediscovery. University of calcium Press. Kyselka, Will. (1987) An Ocean In Mind. Honolulu, Hawaii. University of Hawaii Press. http//

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