Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hemmingways In Our Time :: Hemmingway In Our Time

Hemmingways In Our Time   Half-way by dint of reading Hemmingways collection In Our Time I was interrupted by my roommate, George. He wanted to know how I liked the story. He seems to be very impressed that Im reading Hemmingway. I explained to him that it was, in fact, non wholeness story, but a collection of short stories. He asked if they had a usual theme or not, and I found it difficult to answer. "Yeas and no," I said. I then went on to explain that although wizard character, Nick, appeargond occasionally, the stories didnt flow as unmatchable large story. "Its sort of like a painting," I told him, "If you could pick kayoed any single individual brush-stroke and study it, it would be meaningless. But if you move out back and see all the brush-strokes, you can view the painting in its entirety." He thought this was very wise and went away, con cristalted that I was a literate genius. Myself, I didnt really know what to gather from the st ories. Ive never frankly read any Hemmingway previously. Ive started to read The Sun Also Rises about ten times and gotten waylaid by Batman, Robert B. Parker, and the like each time. I think I read The Old Man and the Sea ages ago in spunky school, but it was so long ago that it has slipped completely from my memory. He is one of those authors that I forever and a day connect with my father and his college years for some reason, although Im not entirely sure why. Ive always wanted to read Hemmingway, but Ive always wanted to read all of Shakespeare, Homer, and Eliot, too. The edition Im reading has the short stories confused by "Chapters" which do and dont tell a story. The "Chapters" strongly remind me of ping Floyds The Wall. I was also surprised at how simple it is to read them. They are perfect examples of how Poe defined the short story quick, (sometimes) powerful, and written to evoke one feeling. After reading The End of Something, for example, I was str uck by how slowly Hemmingway made me sad. The ending to A Very Short Story was pristine torture. All the stories are simply constructed, no superfluous words, no wasted images to clutter the feeling. They seem to be written with Strunk and Whites Elements of Style in mind.

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