Monday, March 11, 2019

Crime Data

These are criminal statistics from the year 2013. According to the Federal position of Investigation (201 5), forty-eight part of violent offensive activitys were cleared and solved, sixty-four percent of murders were solved, and forty percent of all rape cases were solved. These criminal statistics are for the ideal United States of America. With these national statistics, the capital of Georgia metropolitan compass in gallium and the metropolitan field of honor of Tampa Bay in Florida are going to be compared and see where they stand among these statistics.The reported incidents in these field of operations will be compared the put of evils in both regions will be compared, change in crime stations over time in both areas will be compared, and in conclusion the factors explaining the change in the crime rates of these areas will be explained. Twenty eight counties and The Atlanta electron tubepolitan vault of heaven is made up of twenty-nine counties and twenty-nin e cities. The Atlanta Metropolitan area is the business swell in the s bulge outheastern part of the United States. The area is 8,376 square miles (The Metro Atlanta Chamber Economic Development Division, N. D. ).The Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area consists of here major cities surround by a account of unincorporated cities Tampa Bay, Clearwater and Saint Petersburg. The main counties are Citrus, Hernandez, Hillsboro, Emanate, Paso, Pinnacles, Polk, and Sarasota counties (Tampa Bay Partnership, 2015). Although these two cities have eleven professional sports team and three major NCAA colleges between the two of them, they are plagued with a criminal problem, much like every other best-selling(predicate) city in the United States. The year 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia in that respect was 3,405 change assaults reported in this Atlanta metropolitan area.The Tampa Bay trampoline area had 1 ,523 reported aggravated assaults (The Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015). This means Atlanta ha d reported 1,882 to a greater extent incidents of aggravated assaults than what Tampa Bay did. The crime rate for assaults in Atlanta was two-hundred and thirty-seven assaults per 100,000 inhabitant of its metropolitan area. The crime rate for assaults in the Tampa metropolitan area was three-hundred and forty-three assaults per 1 00,000 inhabitants in this metropolitan area (The Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015).It would seem the Atlanta metropolitan area would more than ungenerous than the Tampa metropolitan area, but when you look at the numbers and mark them down Tampa is actually the more dangerous of the two according to the numbers. If a person would go back the past twelve or long dozen long time, in Atlanta aggravated assaults have decreased greatly since the years 2000 and 2001. In 2001 the crime rate was two-hundred and ninety- nine per 100,000 inhabitant of its metropolitan area in slowly decreased year by year to the rate it is now (The Federal Bureau of Investi gation, 2015)..Atlantas decrease is not as forceful as what the Tampa metropolitan area rime aggravated assaults decline is. Tampa crime rate for aggravated assault was six-hundred and .NET-six assaults per 100,000 inhabitants down to almost half of that number now (The Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015). If the crime rates in both these metropolitan areas steadily decreases, then they will thrive even more than what they are now. The factors explaining these statistics are the population sizes of these two metropolitan areas, the aver board age of its inhabitants, and average level of education of the population.The population size of Atlantas metropolitan is 684,688 versus Tamps metropolitan area population which is 770, 162 (The Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015). Atlanta metropolitan area is bigger than Tamps metropolitan area, but Tamps is heavier populated. The average age range in Atlanta is between thirty-two and forty-three years of age, and Tamps is between the ag es of cardinal and fifty-four. The level of education in both cities is a bachelors degree of about kind. The trend is the driving forces in both metropolitan areas are the case five hundred companies in the area.The biggest one in Atlanta is CNN and in Tampa it is the Home Shopping Network. Throughout the years more people went out received an education and started making honest livings is the reason the drastic decline in quality in the crime rates. In conclusion, the Atlanta and Tampa Bay metropolitan areas aggravated assaults were compared, the reported incidents in these areas was compared the rate of crimes in both areas was compared, the change in crime rates over time in both areas was compared, and lastly the factors explaining the change in the crime rates of these areas was explained.

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