Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time Essay -- Mark Haddon

In Mark Haddons contemporary figment, The curious incident of the dog in the Night-Time, the protagonist, Christopher Boone, does seem completely unsuited to narrating a novel, as he takes on his authorial voice, thus demonstrating symptoms of his disability, Aspergers Syndrome. This is a syndrome that enables him to see the world only done his limited perspective, which is closed, frightened and disorientated - which results in his fear of, and inability to understand the dubious world of peoples emotions. His description of events can be somewhat unreliable as he is unable to see the real truths that lie before him. As he narrates, readers are confronted with his peculiarities - whether it is not liking to be touched, his fear of germs, strangers and crowds to his inability to eat foods with particular colors. However, through Christophers authorial voice, his description of events in his intent, and in particular, his description of his oddities those seem completely normal to him, make him an interesting and fascinating storyteller. As he can be proven to be an unreliable narrator as he is incapable of lying (and understanding lies) and this limits his ability to observe the full reality of the world, thus providing him with a strange combination of believability and unbelievability. Again, this is what makes him a wonderful narrator - at times readers can misgiving his interpretation of such events, or they can believe him. As the novel progresses, Christopher takes his audience onboard his personal journey, and explicates his phobias to us, whether they be not liking yellow things or cook things and refusing to touch yellow things or brown things, not eating food if diametrical sorts of food are touching each o... ...ic at the similar time which is uneasy and confusing...It is like three people trying to talk to you at the same time about different things. Christopher turns into a wonderful narrator through this device as he introduces us to a syndrome which we find alters on the whole perspective of a persons life. Laughter, something many of us take for granted, sadly isnt actually experienced by Christopher, another reason as to why readers would read with him, as the only enjoyment he would attain out of life would be on the notions of Mathematics and Science. Therefore, we learn to admire and empathize with him because of his adroit brilliance and his courage, evident through his detective sleuthing he undertakes to try his mother. We see how this syndrome alters all perspectives of a persons life however, we also see how he faces his demons to find the truth.

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