Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Philosophy of Education :: Philosophy of Teaching Educational Essays

Philosophy of Education Most of the instructors that mother taught me in my snip as a student have come across as positive role models to their students. When I look moxie at my experiences with those memoriseers, I necessitate to be like them. I want to help my students estimable like those teachers have helped me. Those teachers that made a positive impression on me are the reason I want to be a teacher.Those teachers that I look back on played a huge leave-taking in developing the human being that I am today. I want to be able to play that same part in the development of other people. I yearn to give children a estimable unscathed development and a good start in a come throughness that my teachers have given me. A good foundation in education is extremely important to a child I want to translate good solid foundations for children. Teachers that genuinely care for their students and provide good solid foundations are the reason I have chosen teaching as my prof ession. Unfortunately, some children are without steady home lives. Children that do not have a substantial home life yearn for solid ground. I would like to be the teacher that is a role model for inconvenient children. I want to be able to provide the firm, safe stage setting that those students arent able to have. I want to be a teacher so I can make a difference in childrens lives. Even though most of the teachers that taught me in school were genuinely high-quality, a few were just not up to par. I promise to be a better teacher. I want children to look back and think that I was the one teacher that was different than the rest. I want to be on the same level as the children that I am teaching. I want to motivate my children to learn, to enjoy learning. I want to teach so I can show children the joys of learning. Also, teaching is a counseling to help people. I have always wanted my life to be a help to someone, and through teaching I can live out that dream.

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