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Oslo Peace Initiative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

capital of Norway Peace maiden - Essay ExampleFor the Palestinians, the peace agreement of Israel with Egypt served to increase their desperation. This led to the intensification of struggle by the Palestine passing Organization (PLO) under Yassir Arafat.Though the United States entered the scene and made it a personal agenda to touch on peace in the Middle East, only limited progress was made in the 1978 Camp David negotiations because of rough-cut distrust and disbelief surrounded by the two parties. Even though this eventually brought about the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty, dissatisfaction and stand in the situation led to the First Intifadaor the Arab Revolt in 1987-91 in Gaza Strip and West Bank. in that respect was change in leadership in Israel and Yitzhak reversed his nations stand and tried to negotiate with the PLO and participated in the cloistered talks in Oslo, Norway (MERIP 20063) as the result Israel-PLO Declaration of Principles, was signed in Washington in family line 1993, which is otherwise known as the Oslo Accord. Through this PLO recognized Israel and Israel the authority of PLO. It is clear from the above that, suspicion and mistrust ruled high here from the beginning.The main issue of contention was not mavin of religion, tho more an issue of home-land. The Palestinians needed more atomic number 18as for their large population, who had lost their homes during the wars and were living as refugees elsewhere. In one estimate their numbers were close to three million (MERIP 2006 6). The entitlement status to be given to the Palestinians and the treatment of Israeli settlements (Israel evacuated all Israelites from the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the next few years) were other significantly discordant issues that led to frustration. Rights to the Jordan River waters, on which was some other important reason for animosity. Finally, Jerusalem with its historical places of worship was also a point of dispute, with both sides r efusing to give up claim (Mideastweb 20061). While the Israelites consider Jerusalem as their arrant(a) capital ((MERIP 20068), Arabs also want it as their capital because of its association with Prophet Mohammed. According to some, in starting time place the agreement itself was deeply flawed because it did not find many takers in the Arab nations (MERIP 20063). Importantly, the accord did not find support amongst the radical Islamist leaders in the two strategic places of Gaza Strip and West Bank. The infighting in the Palestinian camp, spurts of violence of the HAMAS and Jihad, ensured that the Oslo Peace Initiative was hardly endureed a chance. Israel did not want to allow the return of Palestinian refugees because it would undermine their majority status and reduce their population. In a nutshell, after the Oslo Peace Accord More than seven years have gone by and Israel has security and administrative control of 61.2% of the West Bank and about 20% of the Gaza Strip and secu rity control over another 26.8% of the West Bank. This control is what has enabled Israel to double the number of settlers in 10 years..and to seal an entire nation into circumscribe areas, imprisoned in a network of bypass roads meant for Jews only...( 2006)Why is there conflict between the two peoples (now) still in 2007 To a keen observer, it may be clear that there are no easy solutions to a problem of this

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