Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Human Rights and Same-Sex Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Human Rights and Same-Sex trade union - Essay ExampleThose who argue that same-sex marriages should be rateed a civil right and should be treated fair like any heterosexual monogamous marriage are doing so based on the rationale of the Equal Protection Clause. This is, however, a flawed argument. It is absolutely wrong to consider that ones implicit in(p) rights ensure passable treatment in the area of marriage. One must understand with regard to equal treatment, the Constitution does not make reference to social relationships such as families, marriages, friendships, and the like (McVeigh and Maria-Elena 899). Two friends, who ascertain to consider their relationship a marriage, cannot go to the courts and demand equal protection rights just because they decided to consider their friendship a marriage. To do so is tantamount to saying that just because some people at a certain sports event pray together before the start of the event courts are require under the equal protecti on law to allow these sports event goers to redefine the event as a religious ceremony.The government, as an example, recognizes a relationship between two contracting parties, one of whom agrees to mow the otherwises lawn. However, the law governing the contracts does not define beforehand what kinds of contracts can be drawn. The law, instead, merely makes overt how binding a consensual contract is, and what legal obligations both agreeing parties have in fulfilling the contract

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