Monday, May 6, 2019

Latin history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Latin history - Essay ExampleWhile no underlining meta- account or explanation has been presented to account for the state of poverty in these regions, through the juxtaposition and comparison of these perspectives on urban poverty, shanty towns, and social violence, a pragmatic understanding of the issues affecting all societies and cultures is developed, ultimately promoting an sympathetic understanding of the state of these marginalized poor.The film Bus 174 opens with an overhead shot of the Rio de Janeiro metropolis landscape while voices from inhabitants go away on the city lanes are heard. The effect is very moving as the viewer begins to comprehend the expandible nature of the city and get a feel for the economic depravity facing many residents. The narrative voices explain how they are forced to beg for food, and attest to the difficulties of seeking shelter. They explicitly state that these issues are native factors in their growing up enraged at the social order. The film consistently returns to the overhead shots of the city leading the viewer to consider the nature of the city landscape and the on-goings that are central to the film.The film is incorporate around a hostage situation perpetrated by a man named Sandro. The film reveals that it was the rampant criminal offence in the city that led to Sandros mother being murdered when he was 6 eld old, and ultimately leading to Sandro becoming a part of a street gang. The viewer becomes introduced to the depravity of Rio de Janeiro street life where large amounts of homeless children fend for their daily existence. In a sense, these inhabitants are presented almost akin a scavenger or animal-like race that have been cast off from mainstream society. At one omen during the film, a man states that if the police officers were apprised that Sandro was a street kid they would have been more aware that he was

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