Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Censorship - A Clash of Wills and Morals Essay -- Argumentative Persua

Censorship - A Clash of Wills and MoralsA careen of the greatest literature of the English language could be compiledalmost solely by using a chart of the works most often illegaliseby schools and libraries. Some people believe that the books most frequentlybanned consist only of trashy paperbacks and frivolous beach-reading.However, usually in censorship cases, on that point is a clash of wills and moralsbetween the teacher or librarian who finds a work worthy of students andcommunity members time and the parent or citizen who sees minute literaryvalue in the work of choice. Seldom is the teacher or librarian alone in thinkinga work justified for reflection. more than often than not, the controversial workhas made it into several canons of great literature and onto several great bookslists. The conclusion that may logically be drawn is that something aboutthese controversial books is special enough to cause commotion on both endsof the critical spectrum. It may even be suggest ed that a book is censored forthe real same reasons it is canonized. The great works of the literary canon are each striking texts that encapsulatea new voice, idea, point of view, or controversial event matter each ofthese works contains a new and exciting concept. If on that point were nothing strikingabout these works, they would never have been canonized. However, withthese new ideas and points of view comes hunch and fear. If one critic laudsa novel for giving a new perspective on a controversial issue, there is no doubtthat there will also be a citizen looking to maintain the status quo and suppressthese new ideas. It is quite clear that the controversial works of great lit..., Lee. involvement of the Books. Metuchen, NJ The Scarecrow Press, Inc.,1989.Garry, Patrick. An American Paradox Censorship in a Nation of Free Speech.Westport, CT Praeger Publishers, 1993.Heins, Marjorie. Sex, Sin, and Blasphemy. cutting York The Nex Press, 1998.Kar olides, Nicholas J., Margaret Bald, and Dawn B. Sova. 100 Banned Books.New York Checkmark Books, 1999.Kranich, Nancy. Develop Yourself Expose Your Mind to a Banned Book.American Library Association, 2000. Online., Michael G. Writing Through Repression Literature, Censorship,Psychoanalysis. Baltimore Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994.Noble, William. Bookbanning in America. Middlebury, VT Paul S. Eriksson,1990.Woods, L. B. A Decade of Censorship in America. Metuchen, NJ TheScarecrow Press, 1979.

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