Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Critical Review of Leadership and Management Essay

Critical Review of Leadership and focal point - Essay ExampleThey include planning, leading, organizing, facultying, coordination and check off of the organization. Additionally, for management to be achievementful, they all the principles have to be involved in the management process. Globalization has light-emitting diode to the increase in the entry of untried blottos into the market leading to increased competition (Minkova 25). For a firm to make it and obtain a larger market share, the organization has to employ a perfect and trained management. Management operation managers are the leaders of most of the roles in the organizations. These leaders have to be chosen wisely since they are the core of operations that determine the failure of success of a firm. The level of engine room also affects the type of management and their approaches to help they attain the set goals and objectives (Saxena 25). However, the main observed management competence is colloquy. It invol ves chat skills involved in the conveying of messages from one department to another. Management systems include human dissemble on that is taken to employ various strategies such as redesigning the workplace to come up with a break away management system. To be a manager, one has to manage him/herself before managing the other employees. These are part of the work and leadership ethics. According to most economists, they contribute to the growth an expansion of a business or organization. Management competences have to be put in place to help in the management process in an organization. This is due to the network of senior and junior employees who all have to contribute to help in the success of the organization. The observed management competence in the organization is communication since it has contributed to most of the successes of the organizations. Communication may amidst employees of the same rank or different ranks. It may also be between employees, customers, suppli ers and the external milieu (Schmid 48). Communication is a major aspect of success. For high competence levels, firms should employ good communication skills in the management systems. Communication may be oral or written. All channels of communication should be able to be accessed by the workers. Channels of communication include those from the same rank (also known as horizontal communications channels) and those from staff in the different rank (also known as vertical communication channels). Vertical communication channels between the junior and senior staff should be put in place to make sure that they interact freely. This will create room for brainstorming and provision of new ideas and innovations that will help in the success of the business. In most cases, it is used as a warlike strategy. Managers should be able to head information without any barrier to the junior staff issuing them with the a rightly duties. Horizontal communication channels on the other hand inclu de passing information between staff members of the same rank. It happens after information is received from the higher management systems. Duties are shared among the staff members, and the results sent back to the managers. From observations in the organizations management, the communication levels between employees were not in the right manner. This is because most of the members did not have proper communication channels. They relationship between the employees acted as a communication barrier. When employees are not in good terms with each other, they tend not to talk or communicate with each other in any manner. Due to these reasons, the managers are not able to pass on information to their juniors in the expected channels. In the end, it contributes to the failure of the

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