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Organizational Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Organizational Behavior - act ExampleIt is also considered to be the job of a HRM to recruit and hold on to the most experienced and proficient employees to make the organization competitive with respect to attracting potential candidates. In the present competitive and rapidly altering business environment, management of human capital has pay back critic all(prenominal)y important to preserve viability of the team. Thus, the HRMs fill a pivotal role in todays business as people atomic number 18 considered to be the key factor which helps to attain long-run competencies. Organizations can replicate production processes or merchandising strategies, but the talent of employees makes an organization unique and differentiates it from separate competitors (Society for Human Resource Management, 2012).My Personal Leadership ismThe concept of lead is quite broad and situational. In order to become a successful HRM, I have examined the most merry aspects in me for the background o f mastering attractorship. I have realized that leadership is not about having subordinates, it is not a mere title and it cannot be strained by automatically following few ideologies but rather leadership means to have the nerve for making the earmark choices. Leadership is empowering the subordinates to pursue a shared objective of accomplishing a positive and long-term influence. My leadership school of thought has been formed with the help of several aspects. The first aspect is self-understanding. I believe that without self-understanding, one cannot successfully accomplish leadership qualities. The rarest form of leadership is believed to depend on relationship. One of the most significant activities conducted by me for the reason of developing my personal form of leadership is identification of the core worth. Probably, the most critical aspect to become an operative leader is to define and realize the core values of the organization or the team so that shared objectives can be created and a culture to promote coordination as well as argument can be developed. Based on these philosophical guidelines, I shall determine my core values as self-understanding, honesty and respect, passion, growth and learning as well as communication skills which I expect to process me in facilitating the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. My Skills /Competencies Self-understanding It is believed that one cannot accomplish leadership qualities without self-understanding which signifies the realization of his/her strengths and weaknesses. Once this understanding is gained, decisions wish to be made in accordance with the individual principles. It is in this context that a genuine leader is believed to remain true to every concerned person. Genuineness in this sense denotes reliability in way and decisions along with the appropriate level of sincerity towards the subordinates. Honesty and Respect Honesty has great significance in life and helps to cont rol actions which are ethical and well-justified. I regard honesty to be one of the vital values in my life. It sets a particular framework based on which a leader makes all decisions. Without honesty, there would be no inspiration to follow other morals. According to my experience in the HRM division, the other imperative factor measured to be essential for leadership is ethical physical exertion. The factor of ethical practice is one of the efficient and effective aspects of leadership in order to make appropriate decisions. It

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