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Criminal Justice Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Criminal Justice - Coursework ExampleThere atomic number 18 three types of speak to jurisdiction that are Personal Jurisdiction, Territorial Jurisdiction and Subject matter JurisdictionPersonal Jurisdiction- A butterfly has a personal jurisdiction over a person if that person has been personally served that is has accepted the service of court papers and also the defendant has some form of contact with the state in which the court is fit(p) (Berman, 1983, p. 530).Territorial Jurisdiction- A court is said to have territorial jurisdiction over an event or a person or persons, by virtue of the sovereign jurisdiction of that state over the put down which falls within its boundary, which includes all its inland and territorial waters. Territorial jurisdiction of a court ensues from the office staff of a court over a bounded space and over the people present thither and the events taking place there (Berman, 1983, p. 222).Subject Matter Jurisdiction- Subject Matter Jurisdiction pert ains to the authority of a court to hear over the cases of a specific type or the cases relating to a particular return matter (Berman, 1983, p. 222). To decide on a case, a court must have Subject Matter Jurisdiction and one of Personal or Territorial Jurisdiction. ... ubjected to politically and commercially conducive confinements like workhouses, avail as galley slaves, or transportation to the colonies (King, 1984, p. 110). Like their European counterparts, the American colonists to begin with developed semblances of jails cognize as gaols to detain the offenders awaiting trials (King, 1984, p. 110). These jails were simple and undefined in their architecture, involving no provisiosn to segregate the hardcore criminals from the petit larceny offenders (King, 1984). The lighting, sanitization and amenities in these jails were pitiable, giving way to pestilence and a hell like environment. The jail architecture underwent immense change in the 2nd half of the 18th century under the influence of the European social reformers. The modernization of Prison architecture in the US began with the renovation of the Walnut Street slammer in Philadelphia in 1789 (Tappan, 1951, p. 276). The prison architecture of these times took care to create special cells to segregate the petty offenders from the hardcore criminals. Care was taken to make the prison ambience more conducive and healthy by making proper arrangements for light and sanitation. By the earlyb19th century the prisons started to have well defined wings with exchange hubs (Tappan, 1951). The prisons started to have solitary confinement cells, garden areas and some sort of exercise and recreation area (Tappan, 1951). The anxiety of prisoners started to get more humane and reformation oriented. 3. Discuss how the Gault & Winship Supreme Court Cases impacted the juvenile court system. To begin with the issues pertaining to juvenile delinquency rarely got the attention of the US Supreme Court, until in the late 60s, the US Supreme Court decided on a wide range of landmark cases that had a

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