Thursday, May 30, 2019

Computers in the Classroom :: Teaching Education Essays

Computers in the ClassroomComputers are everywhere in the world today. Everywhere that you turn you are going to see some variance of a computer. Computers are found in every work place and are used by many different people. It is very important these days that everyone learns the basics for using a computer because most jobs or professions will require some computer knowledge in order to be capable for many positions. The profession I am looking to get into is the teaching profession. I am hoping to teach business classes at the high school train and that is why I am majoring in education and business at Lake Superior State University. Computers have a very important role in teaching and in business. Some business people will tell you that the computer is the single most important business tool. Without the Internet or afford sheets, the business world as we know it today would be very different. Although computers have an enormous role in business what I would like to dispu te is the impact of computers on Teaching. About all full-time regular public school teachers report that they now have access to computers and the Internet and it has become a normal part of classroom activity in most places. Computers are very useful tools for teachers and they could change the way classes are taught in the future. There is no need to worry, I am not hinting that there will be some sort of computer programmed robot teaching kindergarten, but I am referring to the great benefits of computers in the classroom. The amount of information accessible is amazing and can really assist the teacher with lessons and such. Also computer programs like word processors and send sheets are very helpful to the students not to mention the positive effects some educational games have on children. These games which are played on computers are every teachers dream they make learning fun and enjoyable for the student. One problem which arises when considering computers in the classroo m is that many teachers did not grow up with the applied science of today and are not fully capable of operating a computer and therefore steer away from them. According to a new reexamine released by the Education Departments National Center for Education Statistics, teachers with more than 32 hours of professional development are twice as likely to use computers as are teachers with no such training.

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