Saturday, May 11, 2019

Article Crtique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Article Crtique - Essay ExampleThe integration of the model into the health care industry was ensured by additional literature review, practice analysis, expert panel inputs, and pilot-testing survey. The variability in the application of the design has been handled by its wide coverage of twenty six behavioral and technical competencies. These competencies belong to three major domains in the studied industry. However each of these competencies were defined and benchmarked by behavioral indicators, or levels which were used to assess the promotion of the professionals involved. The news report model also took into consideration the differential developmental requirements. The Health leading Competency seat fits into academic conditions and also adheres well with practical circumstances in health care.The article addressed a clearly focused issue. The article aims at reviewing the operational results associated with the Health Leadership Competency Model macrocosm used in a numb er of organizations related with health care industry. It also aims to critically rate the outcomes of the application of Health Leadership Competency Models being used in healthcare management alumnus programs. The article also specifically identifies the competencies for the model, its specifications and the validation process. The focus of the research is streamlined and has a defined direction. The objectives of the study have been justified by other literatures as z need of the industry. Standardization of Health Leadership Competency Models have been demanded by a number of researchers in the field.The composes have referred to appropriate and adequate works. The author referred to an explicit range of database and periodicals. A wide range was covered as literatures have been referred by the authors in the process of reviewing the outcomes Health Leadership Competency Model. Literatures pertaining to the need of improvisation in

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