Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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What is PiracyThe term " softwargon product piracy" covers antithetical activities illegal imitationing of designs, counterfeiting and distributing parcel - even sharing a program with a friend. Its important to understand the different software piracy channels, not just to comply with the law but also to protect against large economic problems like lost revenue...and lost jobs.OEMs and ResellersJust because the disk says Microsoft or the software came preloaded on your PC, doesnt guarantee its legal. Learn how pirated software is distributed.Copying and CounterfeitingIt starts with hotshot legitimate, licensed copy of the software, then escalates from there.Internet PiracyThe sale of software over Web sites and Auction sites is common and easy, making the Internet the accurate vehicle for counterfeiters. Learn how to protect yourself now.How Piracy Impacts YouPirated software hurts everyonefrom the software developers, sell storeowners, and ultimately all software u sers.           Consumers are at Risk           Pirated software directly impacts consumers because      It often lacks key elements and documentation, and it always carries no warranty protection or upgrade options.      These untested, counterfeit discs may be infected with viruses that impart damage your hard drive and may cripple your entire network.      If they copy software at work, users put themselves and their comp whatsoever at risk by pirating a product protected by copyright laws.           Economic losings           When you purchase counterfeit software, youre supporting disreputable companies, not tax-paying, legitimate businesses that provide jobs and salaries to sizeable citizens. The profits from these sales of counterfeit software dont help exp and the economic system by providing jobs, taxes, and wages, and there is a good chance the profits are funding additional illegitimate businesses. Legitimate companies never receive any funds from the sale of counterfeit software, and frequently this loss of revenue leads to layoffs for workers in all related industries, from manufacturers to resellers. So, as you can see, purchasing counterfeit software doesnt only impact software manufacturers, it impacts everyone.           Innovation is Slowed           Intellectual property is the possession of ideas as well as the control over the tangible or virtual representation of those ideas. Software is intellectual property, as are books, movies, and medication.Like music performers and authors, software developers use copyright laws to protect their work and their investment in the scene of action. The theft of intellectual property thus eliminates the resources used to develop newer and go against products.           Taking Action           In an effort to level the playing field for honest resellers, Microsoft is taking legal actions against repeat offenders.

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