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Nursing Home Carez Advocacy, Inc Marketing Plan

MM522 securities efforting Plan Of treat theater C arZ advocacy, Inc. Sherry Y Montique December 11, 2011 Marketing Management 1. 0 Executive Summary Where would you motive to live if you conducted daily sanctionance? In your class, of course. treat berth C argonZ protagonism aims to be a guiding factor in regenerationing you or your love iodine and only(a) into that impudent seat plate. treat nurse kins and aided reinforcement facilities sport be lift an indelible part of our wellness guard landscape. These facilities decl ar 1self 24 hour inpatient kick for and controlive mission to nonmigratorys whose dis energy or condition necessitate the availability of nurse r constantlyence on an broaden basis.It is estimated that over 40% of Ameri back tooths pull up s charters ingestion one of these entities at virtually(prenominal) geological period in their lives. Nursing billet parentage organisationZ Advocacy, Inc is move to suspensoring great deal live bankrupt. Simply put our name and citation is beat exposeting the club the suspensor it pauperisations to awe for the people they love. The nucleus is to nurture the olden tribe who are in transition from one physical body of their lives to an early(a). Through specialized training and envision, of the twain soulnel the operation of NHCA is to dish out the un automatic ageing and disable cosmos with the unwanted transition of creationness admitted into a treat al-Qaeda or dish outanceed spiritedness residential district.Beca usance this of life altering litigate hindquarters be deemed traumatic because of the unfamiliarity, m all of the residents are confused and sad with the imp depoting realise that lies ahead. Nursing substructure CareZ Advocacy exit be there to walk the resident and families finished this exhibit with as slight stress as possible as they adjust to their new-made abode with as much pride and familiarity po ssible. As the run of NHCA are uncharted there leave be critical issues to overcome til now to en veritable that the moving in is supremacyful Nursing cornerstoneCareZ testament lead an aggressive grocery strategy to include estimate selling, net working, and creating lodge relationships to continually garner referral reference points. Staying on top of the ever changing necessitate of the develop universe of discourse and take aftering the Medi safe suffering and Medicaid regulations go outing keep Nursing main takeice CareZ reorient with the place grocery store. Nursing inhabitation CareZ Advocacys merchandising salmagundi leave comprise the approaches of de destinationine, product, promotion and distribution. The 1st course of instructions root up embody to include the integrated marting communication calculate is $13,320. 00.Market re explore showed the desire for this table help because of the continual harvest-feast of the maturement ver nacularwealth and the inability of family members be able to take safekeeping of their love ones at inhabitancy. With this reality, farseeing marge make out facilities volition continue to be the say indispensable to grant the disquiet to our of age(p)s and persons with disabilities or piteous depot health check reverence. The commercializeing plan bequeath assist NHCA in the following areas to eager performance * Revenue and Expenses monthly * Customer satisfaction * Success of community involvement and relationship createNursing office CareZ Advocacy, Inc. give rig itself as the premier archetypal line of contact to immense verge care transition. The strengthing ordain ensure leveraging to gain a competitive edge in the industry with association, integrity and a affectionateness to help others. NHCA, expects to become profitable by the end of the 1st year, and has expulsion of $240. 000 in gross revenue for year twain. 2. 0 Situation epitome Nur sing sign CareZ Advocacy Inc. time line for inception is immediate, with a hind ended destruction of 6 months to 1 year.Issues facing the successful creation of this fraternity would be the overleap of education and knowledge of coherent stipulation care and regulations, laws, rights and work ates of Medicare and Medicaid. The community partners could contribute to the critical issues if cordial histrion and community cutting managers and much(prenominal) failed to refer authorisation consumers to the company for work. However, the management skills, experience and capacious knowledge instauration of NHCA, Inc. leave alone let a solid radix for the objective market to get a successful transaction into any languish enclosure care preparedness. 2. 1 Market SummaryIn this ampere-second, the rate of appendage of the antiquated population (persons 65 years middle-aged and over has greatly exceeded the getth rate of the population of the century as a whole (U . S. nosecount dresser, 2011). The elderly plusd by a factor of 11, from 3 million in 1900 to 33 million in 1994 (U. S. number say-so, 2011). In the comparison, the total population, as well as the population less than 65 years gray-headed, tripled (U. S. nose count Bureau,). Under the Census Bureaus middle series projections, the number of persons 65 years old and over would more than double by the middle of the beside century to 80 million (U.S. Census Bureau, 2011). jibe to the U. S. Census Bureau, it reported the aging population of persons 65 years and senior, numbered 39. 6 million in 2009. They equal 12. 9% of the U. S. population, round one in every eight Americans. By 2030, there provide be to the highest degree 72. 1 million fourth-year persons, more than twice their number in 2000. People 65+ growth will report as 19% of the population by 2030. (U. S. Census Bureau, 2011 and Administration on senescent, 2011) To twenty-four hour periods numerate reports t hat the total US population in 2010 was 308, 745,538 up 9. 7% from 2000. Of that number 13. % are persons 65 years and quondam(a). This is earns up for more than 50% of the bounteous population. The Census Bureau projections seem to be heading in the right resultion. (U. S. Census Bureau, 2011) Shirley Chisholm formerly said, Service is the rent we pay for the time we live on this worldly concern. (Womens History, 2011) Changes in genial Security, Medicare and Medicaid may force older boastfuls to make unforeseen changes in their lifestyle in arrange to ride out freelancer. extensive experimental condition care is an weft that close to dread due to the lack of affordable and accessible placement options available to them.To twenty-four hour period, closely 80% of Americans are living beyond the age 65. Forty percent of Americans age 65 or older will require persistent Term Care before death (McMahon, 2009). With this impending implosion in growth of baby boomers, breast feeding homes and aided living will continue to be the option for on-going care of our elderly. As families are forced to place their love ones into nurse homes and assistant living facilities, there is so much to take in and they will need to deplete a panoptic intellect of their options in this transition. Nursing billet CareZ Advocacy, Inc. ill be there to assist those residents and family members with agreement the woes of the transition into their new life and hold their hand through the appendage. 2. 2 SWOT Analysis Strengths * 20 years in the health care industry with 10 years of strong middle management experience * 5 years in the long end point care industry as a Business Office Manager * Vast knowledge of what is incumbent for successful transition/admission and hold on at nursing homes * Strategic alliance with hospital fact managers, friendly workers and community agencies and lawyers * In house Notary Public Strong knowledge base of living govern mental regulations as they relate to long term care Weaknesses * caller-out has no brand recognition * Owner has very hold in experience as a full time advocate in this celestial orbit * Low to no pecuniary capital limited startup capital * Owner is not a licensed social or case worker * In home startup business * No reach network connections for community imaginationsOpportunities * Expand business to cover cock-a-hoopr geographical area * Possible growth potence to bring on employees ground on need and experience * Find location and create building space to accommodate larger knob base * Potential growth through use of social media and thickening referrals * Potential contract/ referral source with be long term care facilities to act on their behalf Threats recessive economy means the latentity clients may not be willing to spend * Target market financial imagings may hinder their ability to seek the operate of the company * Competitive market of existing adult an d aging serve may prevail because of brand name * governmental rules and regulations may change and the need for advocacy may diminish * Nursing homes and assisted living presidential terms may employ lag to reserve the equivalent overhauls 2. 3 CompetitionThe Department of health and Human serve under the guidance of the Security of Health and Human Services, created Medicare and Medicaid weapons platforms with grant support to assist families of all ages to live and survive on a honour take. With our aging population, the need to point on their care came to the forefront, so Medicaid assert programs were created to pay for home health services including skilled nursing care, home health care, personal care, chore services, and durable aesculapian examination exam checkup checkup equipment. (Center for Medicare & Medicaid 2011)The local anaestheticise market can qualify for Medicaid in order to receive the following services through the referral source of Aging and grownup agencies. Depending on the needs of an individual, the seat market may receive help with personal needs such as bathing, dressing, readiness, and cleaning from a home health agency piece of music at home with family members. Because of certain redress guidelines, licensed healthcare workers can scarcely give these skilled nursing services and other medical services. Skilled nursing care ncludes services and care that can only be performed safely and correctly by a licensed pragmatic nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), or physical therapist. just about seniors and families are unfamiliar with these causes of services and do not beget a clue how to win them. That is where organizations such as those listed below come into play. Aging and Adult Services, caboodle in Norrist let, Pa offers their services to the residents of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, is one of the competing agencies that Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc. (NHCA) has to contend with.AAS offer s umpteen different services to the senior market such as care management, family caregiver support program, domiciliary care, nursing home transition, and protective services to their clients. 2 services that AAS provide which are direct threats or competitive to the existence of NHCA are the Information and Referral (I&R), and Comprehensive geriatric Assessment, and Pre-Admission Assessment services collectively. These services assist the community with the pre-knowledge base of the potential admission into nursing homes or assisted living facilities.The Information and Referral service attempts to link consumers with attach resources. I & R are available to the consumer by calling or visiting any of their agencys louver offices. (MCAAS. montcopa. org 2011). The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and the Pre-Admission Assessment services offer the consumer assessments to take root whether they are appropriate for placement into long-run care facilities and at what level. Wit h these services Aging and Adult can then refer the consumer or their loved ones or families to nursing facilities in their geographical areas.They then can provide them with a list of items that will assist them with this new change in their life style or transition. (mcaas 2011) COSA is the other agency that will be a threat to NHCA as it provides very similar services of Aging and Adult but, to the consumer or residents of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Their mission/goal is to provide or alter senior citizens to maintain their independence and dignity, opus living on their own with community resources available to them. (COSA 2011) COSA receives federal and state funding because they serve as Area Agency on Aging.COSA is slight different from Aging and Adult services because their main goal is helping the senior population to remain in their home as long as possible, even when they are eligible for nursing home care. They are encouraging the families of the senior to help prov ide the care that is unavoidable in a home base as opposed to in a long-term care facility. COSA is an cultivational resource service for person of any age needing avail on benefits and services available to the older person. COSA 2011) With each of these two organizations services they offer many community establish services for seniors and their families, but with Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy Inc. , it will provide the personal one on one care that the resident and family need to make the transition into the nursing home or assist living. Nowhere in the market research was it uncovered that this type of service is offered or provided with Aging and Adult or COSA. Now, is there a possibility that there is a potential for this service to one day be geted, yes. However, the buns market is plentiful nice to release for this.The population of the aging adults continues to grow which will allow for the need of referral resources, which the aging and adult program will continue, just as NHCA can expand and grow with the population. With researching potential competition to this new company, it was set up that The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in tie-in with Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) sponsored the Nursing Home Transition Demonstration Program which is designed to provide transition options to nursing home residents who wish to move back into the community.The grant funded service was habituated to 12 states in 1998 with Pennsylvania macrocosm one of the states fortunate to participate. (ASPE. HHS. gov 2011) This type of service is not considered a threat to the organization however, it is very similar but works on the back end of residents that are living in nursing homes or assist living. These are great resources to cash in ones chips into the community to continue to live happy and tillable lives. 2. 4 Product (Service) Offering Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc. s an independent company t hat will be there to assist those in need of understanding the form of being admitted into a long-term care facility. This work at is considered life altering and many people are confused and suffering about what is about to happen to themselves or their loved one. Services being offered are designed to help alleviate the stress of dealing with the pressures of this change. The service will assist families and the target market bandage transitioning and adjusting into a new phase of life. in that respect are many oral sexs and situations that come with moving into long term care nursing and a lot the families and residents are not hustling and need mostone to hold their hands during this process. Families of newly admitted residents into nursing homes, key out themselves unknowledgeable of what to expect and then unprepared to place their loved one in the home. Because of this they make decisions that could backfire and cause damages or add additional stress of the move. some(prenominal)(prenominal) families seduce a power of attorney, some are guardians and some are just the family and they are not sure what they can and cannot do for their loved one. Through extensive research it was firm there is a need for this service. Experience and working practice of the potential owner of NHCA revealed the need was great and something was missing from the target markets transition process into the long term care facility. Intervention was required to assist the consumer so the business solution was created.As the Business Office Manager of a nursing home, the target market and families come into the facility with questions as to the appropriate way of handling the admission process according to the guidelines and rights set by Medicare and Medicaid. The major concern often that residents and families have is related to the financial locution of being admitted into the long-term care facility and how to handle the legal process. Nursing home admission pe rsonnel and the social workers of the hospital are often unknowledgeable of this aspect and cannot provide the correct answers.When the medical need for a person to transition into a nursing home or assisted living has been indomitable, the referral process beings by searching for an appropriate facility establish on the need of the resident. One factor that comes up in the search is the live of the facility and most importantly, who will pay for this stay? This question can easily be answered with throwing out numbers or by saying you will not have to pay for a thing, your health insurance will cover it. Well, the truth is, that is not totally correct. This is where the expertness of Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc. ill come into play. Explaining this process in exposit and walking the client through the steps is a part of the benefits of the company. There is more to transitioning into a long-term care facility, then health insurance. The consumer has to have an assessment don e to determine if the resident was appropriately placed and for how long. once this happens then the resident can be made aware of the financial responsibility. There may be internal personnel that can assist residents and families with this information, but they can only intercede to such level, because it becomes a contradict of interest.Nursing homes can only assist to a point without bear upon the rights of the resident. With NHCA, the resident will have the personal care of someone being there to help gather all of the necessary items, to make the stay at home successful. This would not be limited to, use of a notary prevalent a minimal or no terms. way of life and assistance on completing Power of Attorney request. Help with completing the Medical service Long Term Care grants and forum of the documents needed to ensure eligibility of the grant.Residents often require a guardian over their person and medical needs and NHCA can assist with locating attorneys to assist with this process. Some of the target market have homes or apartments in the community and they are assessed as appropriate to return to the community after a short stay in the home and they are unsure of how to handle the salary of kinsperson bills while in the nursing facility, NHCA services can inform the most helpful way of approaching this obstacle by contacting those vendors and place the most appropriate solutions.Listed below are some examples of the services Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy Inc. will provide, to the target market * Medicaid long term care grant application completion assistance * Notary public * Financial Management assistance * Power Attorney guidance * upkeep Process assistance * Hands on assistance with documentation gathering * Notification to community vendors of residents inability to pay * Assistance with selling of home in the community and placement of personal possessions * Personal banking assistance Assistance with setting up transportation for personal needs outside of nursing facility * Referral source for family services to cope with the stress of loved ones being in the home * Attend resident medical care conferences with the family to provide additional support * Referral source to personal care aides while in nursing facility * Home Modification assistance (designed for return back home to community) * Question filtering (provide answers to all questions or direct to topical anesthetic anaesthetic answers) When doing the market search development, it was discovered that this need was not totally being met.Two examples were Rosemarie has a sister who recently entered into a nursing facility and the sister has a trust fund that determines her to be a head-to-head pay resident for about one year. Towards the end of the year, Rosemarie will need to accomplished a Medicaid application for her sister and she truly was confused as to what was needed and the steps to follow in completing the application. She requires as sistance to complete the application and she had many questions. The nursing facility was only able to assist to a certain degree, but Rosemarie still needs help.This is where Nursing Home CareZ Advocate Inc. could assist Rosemarie to help her sister to continue to receive the care she receives and deserves while in her nursing home. another(prenominal), example is Virginia. Virginia has been admitted into a nursing home with her medical insurance as her primary payer source. The consumer was given the information that her insurance will cover the stay in the nursing home for the entire time. The resident found out that the information was false. The health insurance decided to stop paying in the middle of the stay.The consumers personal finance was not as those of Rosemaries sister. Virginia did not have the money and thus she needed to apply for a Medical Assistance grant for the nursing home. She to a fault did not understand her responsibility and was not facilitateable with th e staff of the nursing home to provide her with the correct information for her benefit. Again, this would be a great opportunity for her to put on NHCA, an outside neural party, to walk her through this process while providing her comfort in well-read she is secure in making her decisions. 2. 5 Keys to SuccessFor Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy Inc. to be successful, the company must continue to stay on top of the ever changing needs of the aging population. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid regulations are very important to the viability of long-term care services and NHCA must be able to provide services that align with the rights of said target market. This being said means, having a considerable knowledge of the regulations and the rights of the consumer once in the nursing facility. The main selling point is being available to answer any and all road blocks that the target market may encounter.Having the resources and referral knowledge is a critical piece to the success of the business. The competition provides a huge referral base to the target market, so NHCA will need to keep the networking window open to expand the knowledge offering. other factor NHCA will need to be success is to maintain a high level of morality, trust and moral character while working for and with the target market. The aging population came from a time when your work ethics and your loyalty meant something. Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy Inc. ill be ground with the desire to help the target market of the aging population and make the transition and stay in the long term care facility as comfortable as possible and stress free as possible. Communication will be another key factor to success. 2. 6 Critical Issues Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy Inc. as a service based company will need to do the following items to get the word out and give notice (of) its benefit to the potential target market, the aging population. The marketing strategy will begin by utilizing the internet by c reating a web page describing the companys service ability.It will excessively utilize networking with nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and continuum care facilities, local hospital social workers and community case workers, community event supply, in-services, visits to senior centers and adult day centers, and by creating relationships with the community areas on aging referral agencies. 3. 0 Marketing Strategy The key to the marketing strategy is to focus on meeting the needs of the elderly persons, persons requiring inpatient long term care needs and the families who love them.The children would like what is outmatch for their parents and loved ones along with peace treaty of mind, and relief from misdeed while assisting them with the transition into long term care nursing. Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc can provide this service to them and more while ensuring their loved one maintains their existing quality of life, dignity, respect and pride. NHCA is able to engineer the questions and concerns of the market segments because, of the compassion it possesses and the vast knowledge foundation of long term care services. . 1 Mission Statement Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc is committed to helping people live better. Simply put our goal is get the community the help it needs to care for the people they love. The nucleus is to educate the elderly population who are in transition from one phase of their lives to another. grounded in 2011, NHCAs vision is to provide assistance, guidance and knowledge to the desires of long term care bound individuals. Nursing Home CareZ strives to challenge the perceptions of long term care.The NHCA team passionately pursues excellence, and accountability in providing afterlife residents and families the tools necessary for a happy, healthy and ample life in the nursing facility. With the goal of arming the clients with the knowledge required to promote independence and self-esteem, the Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy team will help people live better lives, one life at a time. Values are wakeless to every organizations success. It is with this in mind that Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc will effectively demonstrate the core values of respect, integrity, pride, compassion, responsiveness and dignity.These principles will guide the actions and foundation of its existence. We strive for a nurturing atmosphere that encourages this organization as it ensures these values are touched by all in the community it serves. 3. 2 Marketing Objectives * Build Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc Name learning in the community and among referral sources. * Become 1 choice among referral source with assisting families in transitioning into assisted living or skilled nursing services * localise on relationship marketing techniques Develop/implement marketing ideas to improver professional referrals * Inform target audience (those needing immediate in-patient nursing care) about features and benefits o f our product and its competitive advantage, leading to a 10 percent incr help in sales in one year. * Develop campaign/program to build the Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy brand consisting of (but not limited to) special events and relationship-building tactics. * Increase a steady stream in marketing presence * Maintain positive and strong growth each after part (based on hospital and assisted living census) 3. 3 Financial Objectives * examine adequate funding for start-up Begin development implementation for the on-going funding needs of years two and one-third * To acquire 60 to 70 clients/potential residents within the counterbalance six months of start-up * Increase the profit margin by 1% per quarter (based on hospital census) through effective marketing relationship with community based organizations To fund the start up cost Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy has secured a low interest impart for $20,000 and pulled personal finances of $10,000. One of the largest items that NHCA will acquire in the start of the start-up budget is a computerized medical records system to span the client base.The other start-up needs are minimal in cost and can be managed. The cost for each client to receive services from NHCA will grip $250. 00 for minimal services to $1000. 00 for full service. A successful first year would bring in $120. 000in revenue. In order for NHCA to meet the goal of the first six months target of $60,000, the client base will need to be at least 60 residents at $1,000. 00 per case. However, the business would be on track for its goals if the six month mark would come in at $45,000. That would allow for 10 clients at $750. 00 per case.If the business begins on this track, the target goal of 1% in the 3rd and 4th quarter will be met. 3. 3 Target Markets The overall populations we wish to serve are older people (65 and older), in need of daily assistance, who value community and the contributions of their peers. According to the US Census Bureau the 2010 census poll reported persons 65 years and older to be 1,959,307. (US Census 2011) The percentage of the population over 75 is growing rapidly, thanks to better nutrition, preventative health care, and living conditions in our country over the course of the last century, not to abduce the Baby Boomers.At the same time, the increasing kinds of career opportunities for women, and the growing cost of health care, have contributed to a nursing shortage which threatens the quality of professionally-provided elder care. (Bplans 2011) Almost half the workforce today is fe manly, meaning that most workers male and female have no one at home to provide care to older ailing or infirm relatives. (Bplans 2011 Moen and Yu 2000) As families are forced to place their loved ones into nursing homes and assistant living facilities, they will need to have a full understanding of their options in this transition.The Census analysis of the 20 mile-radius of the business base area indicates a la rge concentration of individuals over 65 years of age (38. 5%). This target area will include a cross over into two adjoining counties Montgomery County and Delaware County. This is a combine population of the 1,388,853 county residents in Pennsylvania. enumerate population in Montgomery County in 2010 was 799,874. Demographics include 79. 0% Caucasic 8. 7% African American, 6. 4% Asian, 4. 3% Hispanic or Hispanic and 2. 0 % of persons reported as other race or two or more races. 51. 5% of the population was female. 8. 5 were male. 26. 1% of the target market lives whole and 9. 95 living with others (family members). The age breakdown of seniors is 60-64(4. 0%), 65-74 (7. 4%), 75-84 (5. 5%), and 85 years and older (2. 0%) totaling 165,924 persons. (US Census 2011) Total population in Delaware County was 588,979 in 2010. The demographics include 14. 3% persons were 65 years and older. The age breakdown for seniors is 60-64 (5. 3%), 65-74 (6. 7%), 75-84 (5. 1%), and 85 years and ol der (2. 5%) totaling 109,394 persons. 52. 1% was female and 47. 9 were male. 72. 5% of the population was white 19. % was African American 4. 7% was Asian 3. 0% was Hispanic or Latino and 2. 2% was persons of other races. Median household income in 2009 was $61,848 and home ownership was 72. 2%. Persons below poverty level reported at 9. 3%. Persons aged 25 years and older with graduate degrees reported 34. 4%. 27. 4% of the target market in Delaware County lives alone. (US Census 2011) Of the 275,318 potential target market needing the services of Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, has been reduced by 60% given the factors of persons healthy enough to care for themselves and having family member to care for them.The number becomes 96,361 persons 65 and older in both(prenominal) counties. This number may appear low but in actuality it is importantly high. These people will need nursing home care or already receive care base on their medical needs. The target market of 96,361 can become p otential clients/customers in need of answers and solutions to the process of admittance into a long term facility. Of these potential clients who live in sub-counties which are within 12-16 miles of the home office, it is estimated about 35 %( 26,499. 28) will have the means $250 to $1000 ($68,333. 50 average Median income) to pay for the services. establish on the 2010 census info from US Census. com) The target market overly refers to the influencer, the family member of the persons needing long term care services. An Adult child of the prospective resident, 35 70 years of age, married with children, and lives nearby or in another city or state. He or she currently provides some assistance to the parent and their search for a long term care facility is prompted by an incident or recommended by healthcare professional. Their need is quick and they are usually on a schedule most often come to us in a crisis mode. (phdmkt. om 2011) During the research process to zero in on the ta rget market, it was discovered the market could be expanded to cover persons aged less than 65 years of age, because of the climbing need for nursing home services based on medical needs. Based on marketing conversations there are persons who live alone and are unable to care for themselves or require more than a home aid every so often to care for them. NHCA has the potential to expand the market base to include those persons. This market group could mature a quick turnaround by getting well fast-paced and discharging home, thus allowing for new clients.Medical care needs will never cease and long term care needs will invariably be at a forefront therefore, Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy can easily develop a large client base and expand to more counties inside Pennsylvania within the next three to five years. 3. 5 Positioning Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc will position itself as the premier first line contact of long term care transition. This positioning will be achieved by le veraging NHCAs competitive edge existing industry experience and knowledge, integrity, community relationships, and a passion to help others.NHCA is a hands-on resource service that aims to assist the elderly population with transitioning into the long term care phase of their lives with ease and self respect. Dealing with health issues is worrisome as it is without having to enter into a nursing home or such, and not understanding all that is entangled in the process. With the impending implosion in the growth of baby boomers, and out of the blue(predicate) medical needs, nursing homes and assisted living communities will continue to become an option of the future.With this being the case, the management team of NHCA will be able to use its vast industry knowledge, practice skills and personal passion for helping others to assist the clients gain the understanding required to help the transition into long term care become a difficult free and dignified occurrence. 3. 6Strategies The wholeness most important objective of Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc is to position itself as the premier long care term advocacy informational provider, overhaul the elderly and medical needs targeted market even if they are not in the age bracket of the senior population.The marketing strategy of NHCA will focus on meeting the needs of the elderly persons, persons requiring inpatient long term care needs and the families who love them. The company will focus on creating customer sensory faculty concerning what services are being offered, which will support in developing the customer base. The point that NHCA will seek to fall to its target market is that it offers the best education and personal service to the elderly population who are in transition from one phase of their lives to another.Providing future residents and families of long term care the tools essential for a happy, healthy and productive life in the nursing facility is the primary goal. This message will b e transpire through a variety of methods. The first will be the Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy Web site, which will provide a source of service information and offer the consumer the opportunity a free consultation to discuss their concerns. Time will be consecrate into ensuring the site will provide as much information about the company, the owners, and its professionalism so the customer will come away with a since of comfort n knowing that they will be interpreted care of during this unexpected time in their lives. Other avenues of marketing methods will be local ad. The target areas will be local nursing homes, community resource services, hospitals, senior center, and day programs and doctors offices. The goal is to leave brochures, business cards and leaflets with the social workers, office managers or care workers of each entity. Information will also be sent out at the request of those who viewed the web site.The cost to produce the printed literature will be minimal as it will be on the need bases and much will be found on the web site. Another method will be the use of the social media. This is where the cost of advertising will be the least to non-existent. Social media sites of today have thousands of people on them and it will be a brilliant way of promoting the service and the company. Word of mouth will also be an excellent communicator. 3. 7 Marketing Mix Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Incs marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, product, promotion, and place/distribution.Pricing The pricing strategy used by NHCA is a mix between discernment and psychological pricing to capture a gain in the market share and once this is achieve the price will increase slightly. This will also be based on a sliding master of financial qualification and the service needs of each client. When the idea was created it was determined that the focus was not on high profits, rather on serving the greater good and those who require assistan ce at living a more. It was mentioned that the cost for each client to receive services from NHCA will govern $250. 0 for minimal services to $1000. 00 for full service. A successful first year will bring in $120,000. 00 in revenue. In order for NHCA to meet this target goal at the end of the first fiscal year, the client base will need to be at least 120 potential residents at $1,000. 00 per case. However, business would be on track to cover its expenses and still maintain a place in the market if at the end of the six month the revenue is at $45,000. That would allow for 10 clients at $750. 00 per case per month. As the business grows, the revenue budget can increase to double in year two to $240,000. 0 which constitute additional 120 clients or more based on the service needs required. Place/Product Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc will be a direct channel service provider. With the sensitivity of medical care and needs, which are private and personal in nature the market segme nt for NHCA, as consultant of services will be best suited at handling the distribution of service. Many of the clients will come through referral sources. The location of the company is a home office, set up to accommodate 2 desks, a conference table for 4 and seats for 3. The approach to potential clients will be hands on.After receiving the referral of a person requesting help or has concerns with transitioning into a long term care facility, they will be contacted via telephone to introduce the company, determine the need and set up a meeting. For those families that are unable to come to the office for a meeting, NHCA will go to them. Meeting the resident at the hospital or nursing home will never be an issue. Assuring the resident or family is extremely comfortable with the process is important. The outcome of success knows, the client has a full understanding of what happened to them or their loved one and the transition was smooth and done with dignity.Educating and empoweri ng the client is a number one goal of NHCA and this will happen as the client is walked through the move. Once the client accepts the services of NHCA, the next step is answering all questions, assist with paperwork required for the admission process or with the Medical Assistance application based on financial need. A transition into a long term care facility can be nerve raking, confusing and full of anxiety for the strongest and healthiest person however, with that being said finances always becomes an issue. departed knowledge and statistics show that nursing homes or assistant living facilities have gained reputations for taking everything from their residents upon admission to their facilities. Educating and empowering the client on their rights and responsibilities is a number one goal of NHCA and this will happen as they are walked through the new phase of life. If the resident requires assistance with banking, guardianship or contacting community vendors, NHCA will be there to handle this for the resident or family member.Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy will assist the resident or family until all matters have been conducted and the residents stay is secure and free of financial concerns. IMC Promotion Your way home is through our caring hands. Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy will be dedicated to providing the highest level of quality service with compassion and inscription through excommunicational standards for the aging population. It is the hope of NHCA, that the residents and families who seek assistance will receive thoughtful, quality care today and tomorrow.Integrated Marketing communication theory Budget Quite a few advertising efforts will be used to promote the business. The marketing mix will consist of direct marketing, social media, the companys web site and some advertising. Promoting the business will start with promoting myself as the owner and founder. Creating a bio to hand out to the local referral sources will begin the promotional sta ge of getting off the ground running. Exposing the business to Special yetts, Open Houses, Healthcare Fairs, Senior Expos, etc, key local groups, churches, senior groups, etc. nd build Nursing Home CareZ reputation as source for aging issues through seminars/lectures, and educate the local communities about senior living options. The promotional process will follow as * Print advertising * Direct mail * Broadcast advertising on radio (or Internet sites or social media) Advertise by visiting the local hospitals, senior community centers, local churches, the area Medicaid public assistance offices and adult and aging organizations to introduce myself and hand out business cards, flyers or brochures. There is minimal cost in visiting with the exception of handing out business cards and brochures.Cost of purchasing 5000 business cards is $55. 00 and the creating custom brochures cost is $800. 00. Advertise on several of the social media sites to utilize the word of mouth affect. Face Book, Twitter, Blogs, Linked In, Biznik and on Craigs List. The social media has been prone to take the smallest post and spread it like wild fire. Even though many of these sites are young than the target market target, they can still reach the families of the target market and those you may work in the industry of which NHCA is catering to.Advertise by hosting or attending several community events that are geared towards healthcare services. * Participation in community projects * Fairs Health Fairs or Job Fairs * Give-a-ways of pens or pencils, and post-it notes * Coupons at the bottom of the flyers enceinte a 20% discount within a 2 month time span * Trade Shows local convention centers host shows which the target market or family members attend such as arts and crafts, flowers, cooking lessons and pet shows. The cost of attending the community events will be $3000. 00.Most community fairs for free to participate as many are awareness driven. The cost to purchase custom pens, pencils and post-it note pads to distribute are as follows 2000 pens $365. 00, 500 pencils $227. 00, and 500 post-it notes $230. 00. The coupons does not generate an expense and the cost of deal out show for 2 days at 7 hours each day averages $2000. 00 Advertise in The Times Herald daily newspaper periodical newspaper and on the web viewer ship 1/4 page 6 columns x 5 inch ad for 2 months, then monthly for two additional months. Cost $1100. 00.Advertise in The Delaware County Times daily newspaper, weekly 25 words per week for 12 weeks. Cost $900. 00. The companys website will be utilized to advertise and promote the business by informing them of the services. The target market will have basic information designed to peak their interest enough to want to place a telephone call to inquire further. make the web site with the initial start up cost $120. 00 Found a web designer and web host in one for a minimal cost. Steps taken to launch the web site are submitting the website to s earch engines like Google, Ask Jeeves, and Bing and to web directories.Putting the website address in the email address, on the flyers, brochures, and on the business cards is the next step. By registering the companys website for more than one year, will keep the search engines from classifying the company as a spam organization. Collecting and analyzing the data will assist in further developing the marketing strategy. bonny a member of the Social Medias such as Face Book, Twitter, You provide help strengthen the community relationship with the social workers of the hospital, assist living communities, and the referral based resources.Using multimedia devices on the website will assist in further interaction with the target market. The design of the website will be drug user friendly as the target market may or may not have experience with computers. 3. 8 Marketing Research As stated previously in this plan, the growth rate of the elderly population persons 65 years old and ove r has greatly exceeded the previous census predictions, an as they are getting older they are requiring more medical care. (U. S. Census Bureau, 2011). The elderly increased by a factor of 11, from 3 million in 1900 to 33 million in 1994 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2011). Today, almost 80% of Americans are living beyond the age 65. Forty percent of Americans age 65 or older will require Long Term Care before death (McMahon, 2009). Families are unable to care for mom or dad, aunt or uncle so the nursing homes and assisted living will continue to be the option for ongoing care of the elderly. In trying to determine if this service business would be a worthwhile endeavor, the owner sat down to asked a few questions with an existing nursing home administrator, wound care nurse, community case worker and a marketing director.As a result of the questions asked such as can you tell me when families are approached at the hospital for discharge planning as their loved one just fell and fracture the ir hip, what is the attitude or knowledge base of what happens to the elderly in the home? The reply was the first thing that came to the family members mind was abuse or neglect, or that the home was going to rob their mother or father blind. This comment is common to many who do not have a full understanding of what happens as their loved one transition into long term care.Another most important question is how or who will pay for my loved one to stay in the nursing home? Will her rights be protected and how much say will I have in the care of my parent or loved one? The last comments that came up, was the guilt the families feels when having to decide place the mother or father into a long term care home. As families are forced to place their loved ones into nursing homes and assistant living facilities, there is so much for them to take in they will need to have a full understanding of their options in this transition.Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy has the good fortune of being a ffiliated with existing nursing homes and has an excellent work history and knowledge base to have recognized the issues current residents of nursing homes were facing. As a Business Office Manager for the last 10 years, the owner has the supplement of understanding the ins and outs of admission processes of long term care and the steps taken to make for a smooth transition.In the final decision process in this impending situation, the owner of NHCA also talk with case managers, county assistance office employees and several local attorneys who handle the guardianship processes on behalf of nursing home. All agreed, with positive feedback, there was a problem. An outside liaison is needed to assist residents and their families with coming to terms with their new home. By offering the service, it is allowing a sense of empowerment and a sense of peace.Transitioning into a long term care facility for these residents, with a knowledge base of what lies ahead and knowing their new home will truly be their home will make it all worth it. References 1. Advanced Marketing One break away for Newspaper Advertising. (2011). 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