Monday, February 18, 2019

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Essay on 3 ThingsThe one-third sources I have selected argon all based on females. They are all of change and transformation. Two of my selections, "The Friday Everything Changed" by Anne Hart, and "Women and World War II " By Dr. Sharon, are roughly women&8217s rites of passage. The third choice, "The sunshine is Burning Gases (Loss of a Good Friend)" by Cathleen McFarland is about a fille growing up.      The first selection of mine was a short reputation called "The Friday Everything Changed" by Anne Hart. The changes in this story are good in a woman&8217s point of view. The author Anne Hart duologue about her school years in this short story. She talks about how a girl in her class asked a interrogative that changed their lives forever. The question her friend Niles asked was "Why abide&8217t girls go for the weewee, likewise?"1. In those days getting the water for the class was a boy&8217s job. T o go out every Friday, to fill the pose up with water, and bring it back to class. This showed that you were strong, and you also got to have some free rein missing half an hour of class. Because the boy&8217s felt threatened by this question, they started bugging and picking on the girls to make them change their minds. just now the girls didn&8217t, and that is what changed their lives. At the end the teacher did let the girls go for the water, and that was a big change for the girls in those days. To show that they can do what the boys can do. Now the girls also get to miss class getting the water and not only the boys. This short story had a humorous tang to it. For example when the author say&8217s "are you trying to be saucy , alma?"2 and "Alma threw a bombshell of her own,"3 and so forth      The second selection of mine was an essay named "Women and World War II " by Dr. Sharon. There were two different changes in th is essay that the warfare created for the women of America, there was a rubber change and a good change. The bad change in this essay is that most of the women were left to take keeping of their families by themselves. They had to find jobs to provide for their families. The good change was that it widened the horizons of American women.

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