Friday, February 22, 2019

Chemistry project 12th Essay

This reaction is highly exothermic, but that is non why the plastic produced is referred to as thermoset. Bakelite is a space-network polymer. Unlike linear and forficate polymers, which be composed of long molecules that make them more or slight crystalline, space-network polymers are highly and irregularly cross-linked throughout the structure. The sheer extent of the cross-linking intend that a sample of the material is essentially one gigantic molecule. Although hot pants softens and melts linear and branched polymers, heating doesnt soften space-network polymers because such a softening would require the breaking of covalent bonds. In fact, heating usually produces additional cross-linking in these polymers, making them harder. It is for this reason that space-network polymers, such as bakelite, are called thermoset plastics.PROCEDURE1. Take 5ml acetic acid and 2.5ml formaldehyde in a breaker. 2. Add 2mg of phenol to this solution and stir the mixture. 3. Wrap a cloth loo sely round the beaker.4. Stir the solution well term heating.5. Pass dry hydrochloric acid gas or add a few ml of concentric hydrochloric acid into the mixture.ObservationA liberal mass of light pink plastic is produce within 5 minutes.Precautionsa) The face of the beaker should not be towards the face of the worker during heating. b) Hydrochloric acid should not be poured into reaction mixture very slowly. c) The contact of phenol with scratch up should be avoided.CautionAs the reaction is sometimes vigorous objet dart adding hydrochloric acid .It is better to be a few feet away from the beaker coin bank the reaction in complete.Scope of the experimentUses of Bakelite are following reliefBakelite is used as a substitute of porcelain & other opaque ceramic materials. Board/table topIt is used in the area of bill of fare & table top games e.g. Billiard balls ,Dominoes etc. MountingIt is used in mounting of metal samples.It is used in whistles, cameras, solid body& electrical g uitars. Bakelite is very suitable for emerging Electric & automobile industries because as its senseless ordinary resistance but also due to its thermal resistance. It has been astray used in jewellery products.References1. Wikipedia http// 2. www.scribd.com3. Comprehensive chemistry practical crystallize XIIAcknowledgmentI owe a great legion(predicate) thank to a great many people who helped and supported me during the project. My deepest thanks to , the guide of the project for guiding and correcting various documents of mine with attention and care. She has taken pain to go through the project and make necessary discipline as and when needed. I express my thanks to the principal, for rifleing his support. My deep sense of gratitude to the in charge of chemistry lab at CSE for their support and guidance. Thanks and gustation to the helpful people at for the support. I would also thank my instruct and my friends without whom this project would have been a distant reality. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to my family and well wishers.

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