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Mark Twain Essay -- essays research papers

bulls eye twosome It is trusted that, during his many years of writing, Mark twosome established himself as a literary genius. It is also indisputable that the primary reason for his success as an author was his quick wit and sense of humor. During this nations duration of political and social division, brace wrote about many of the simpler things in aliveness while always showing his humorist side. His brilliant comedic mind was curiously unusual for any popular writer around during this rough age period in the nations history. Mark yokes humorist views and writings truly solidify him as the forefather of American humor. Unlike many writers of his time, Samuel Clemens, better known as his pen name, Mark Twain never secluded himself or slaved over a while of work. He enjoyed playing billiards or sitting on his porch, smoking a pipe. He lived with his wife and three daughters, and did most of writing in his billiards elbow room or on his bed. He lived a simple, casual life , which proved to come along his laidback, humorist attitude. (Whipple, Sally) William Dean Howells once compared Twains lifestyle to the separate known writers of his time. Emerson, Longfellow, Lowell, Holmes they were like mavin another and like other literary men but Clemens was sole, incomparable. (Twainweb) This being perhaps the best explanation for Twains unique humorist views, it is no doubt this lifestyle provided for his seminal storytelling and successful career as an author. Mark Twain, a native of bit who lived most his small fryhood in poverty, began his career, surprisingly, as a steamboat pilot. This career lead was soon to be interrupted by the Civil War, in which he served for the Confederate Army for two weeks before withdrawing. Already at this purpose in his life, Twain was showing his humorist side when he commented on this incident saying, it was my retirement from it that brought the crash. It left the Confederate side too weak. (Ayers, 42) afterwa rd the Civil War, Twain began his career as a journalist. He bounced from one city to another, including a stay at Virginia City, Nevada and San Francisco. While in San Francisco, Twain wrote The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras add upy, his first nationally acclaimed work. This tale of novel boys and frog races combined the themes of youth and humor, a combination he would revisit frequently. (Budd, 32) Finally, in 1869, Twains f... ...k Twain in His Times) Jones 6 Unfortunately, this was Twains last popular, humorous story. He would leave Hartford payable to debts he owed and live a hard life for the rest of his years. onward he died, Twain would see two of three daughters and his wife fall away before him. He spent the rest of his days nerve-racking to repay his dept and mourning over his lost family members, whom he was very constrictive too. He died on April 21, 1910 in Redding, Conn. During his lifetime, Mark Twain went from a child of poverty to one of the most fa mous and unique writers of his time to a legendary American hero. Due to classics such as Tom sawyer beetle and Huckleberry Finn, he has established himself as not only a famous writer but also a famous comedian. There was no comedy before Mark Twain, most men were obsessed with political sympathies and the military. After Twain, comedy exploded. Charlie Chaplin is one man who is not only a famous comedic pioneer, but also a supporter of Twain. His career shows the bend of Mark Twain in many areas, often including his characters. Mark Twains stories truly solidify him as a legendary author, notwithstanding his humor was the unique quality which put him above the rest. Word Count 1536

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