Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The target audience Essays

The target audience Essays The target audience Paper The target audience Paper There are many languages used in the advert, but the ones that I thought of straight away are shocking, aggressive and factual.  I found it shocking, because the dog is happy as if the owner hasnt taken the dog for a walk. Now the dog says hes going for a swim, but then he changes his mind, because the river looks cold and dirty plus the owner didnt bring a towel, instead he bought a sack. When the dog says the owner a sack you can assume that he is going to put the dogs in the sack and throw them in the canal. You see this through pathos. I found it aggressive at the end, when the slogan came up, because I have already explained, it is direct appeal. It is aggressive because they use the word DAMN. That is an unusual word to use in adverts, but then again it is important. That is why I found it factual just before the slogan. The woman voice over says that every year the RSPCA has to rescue thousands of unwanted pets, and it is true, that is why I think it is factual.  Using camera angles, diegetic sound and an aggressive slogan at the end put the RSPCAs television campaign together.  The use of camera angles in the advert makes the advert more important. There are many camera angles used in the RSPCAs broadcast, there are, medium shots, low angle and the god shot (birds eye view). The purpose of the medium shot is to set the atmosphere. Medium shots are sort of like flash backs, but theyre just still shots. We see this shot in the advert, when the dog changes his mind about swimming, because the river is cold and dirty. After the dog says that, the camera goes back to show us how dirty the river is and the camera stays there for five seconds.  The other shot is when the owner takes the dogs to put them in the sack, there is a wall with graffiti on it, and bin bags in front. Already that shop makes the atmosphere seem dangerous. Low angle shots make the owner seem powerful. This is because this angle is through the dogs eyes. This camera angle is the dog, because the camera is shaking. This angle is good because it shows us what the dog sees, and how we would feel if we were in the dogs position. This is a sort of persuasive shot, because if you were a dog then you wouldnt want that happening to you.  This angle makes the owner seem powerful, because in the advert when it comes up to the graffiti on the walls, the owner puts a rope around the camera to make it a leash.  The birds eye shot is the most important shot. There is only one of these shots, which makes it special. This shot is probably the biggest shot in the advert, because this proves you are right about the owner, if he is really going to kill the dogs. This shot shows the owner putting the dog in the sack and walking towards the river.  The diegetic sounds in the advert give us an affect of isolation and fear.  The diegetic sounds in this advert are; footsteps, river flowing, cars and trees moving in the wind.  The fear factor is when the owner crosses the road with his dogs, but doesnt have them on a leash. This makes us think he deliberately wants them to get run over by a car.  When they are walking or running through the grass, the dog looks at the river and thinks again about going for a swim, but still the owner takes him. This is isolation. What gives this advert a big affects that the dogs voice is young and Scottish, which makes the audience think the dog is care free and happy and is more vulnerable.  Without the owners diegetic sound, then we wouldnt have suspected that the owner was going to do this, because he started off happy, but then gradually gets angry, stressed and inpatient.  No voice-overs make the audience think back on images.  The slogan at the end is really aggressive, but it still is persuasive. This is because the slogan is presented on a blank screen, followed by the birds eye view shot of the dog being thrown in the river. My opinion is that the television advert is more persuasive than the radio advert. The radio advert you have to think and listen to the advert and work out that it is a dog, but in the television advertise you already know it is a dog because another dog is running in front of the camera that is speaking. Radio adverts are some how good, because the people that dont have time cant watch it on television, so they just listen to it on the radio. If you were a blind person then you would prefer the television advertise because it has diegetic sounds, which make you imagine what is going on. Some people prefer radio adverts, because the television takes up a lot of electricity, plus radio is cheaper than television.

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