Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sagatiba plc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sagatiba plc - Essay Example Cachaca was renamed as Sagatiba. While, Cachaca was mainly marketed in Brazil, under the banner of Sagatiba, its market was has considerably expanded with nearly 50% of its output being exported to America and Europe. Strategic marketing plans are crucial part of promoting products and services of an organization. â€Å"Organizations must change because their environments change† (Bateman, 1990). They implement necessary changes in the organization to not only survive but compete with their rival with confidence. Changing environment of technological advancement has made it imperative for one to evolve new marketing strategy in order to maintain an edge over their rivals. The compulsions of the rapidly transforming societal paradigms and technological advancements are important factors that require more comprehensive and innovative approach to market strategy. The company needs to formulate marketing and communication strategy in a way that would not only uphold a high standard of corporate ethics but it must be able to ensure and exhibit understanding of the cross cultural values and handle issues with sensitivity. Any strategy that is formed needs to be localized to suit the local conditions. Strategic partnerships with other business must be made to meet the growing demands of the customers and such strategic relationship should be conformed and regulated within the given set of parameters so that the customer is not affected in any way and unconsciously becomes a scapegoat for our own lack of business understanding with our business partners. The partnership must facilitate business leverage over the rivals. At the same time, it should add value to our products and services, thereby, giving it a unique selling point to attract new and the old customers. Sagatiba needs to be more aggressive in its marketing strategy and forge partnership with various retail outlets and supermarket chains to market its various Sagatiba products. In the recent times, internet

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