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English Curriculumn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

English Curriculumn - Essay Example .† (Dec 2010, p. 16). Green and Cormack in their attempts to explain the wide acceptability of the English language specified that the hybrid quality of the English language that has resulted in its generosity. Empowered by the â€Å"hybridity† as specified by Green and Cormack, the English language has the capacity to satisfy an array of purposes, having multiple social, cultural and educational effects. Keeping in mind the wide acceptability and appreciation of the English language as an essential medium of communication in academic disciplines it has also become important to teach and consequently encourage students to learn the language with such effectiveness so that they can acknowledge effects of the English Language in social, cultural and educational peripheries. Green and Cormack have identified that irrespective of its development and phenomenal success as the language for communication in the global context adequate measures have not yet been taken to context ualise the language within the educational philosophy: â€Å"What has not been understood to date, or sufficiently appreciated, is the extent to which such matters can, and need to, be related to and contextualised within a more general educational history† (Oct 2008, p. 253). Thus, in it important in this context to revaluate theoretical models, pedagogical rationales and â€Å"hybridity† of the English language so that possibilities can be explored to make students realize about the wide scope of its effects in social, cultural and educational aspects. Keeping in accord with Green and Cormack argument about â€Å"hybridity† of the English language that has resulted in the... This essay stresses that while the theoretical models have aimed at enhancing aptitude of a student from different approaches, on the other hand, there is no denial of the fact that unless a student develops the expertise in understanding linguistic diversity and rich rhetoric of the language, he will not be able to communicate with the text and consequently the entire effort will fail. The English Language has been considered by academicians as the most effective medium that would help them to communicate with the text. The element of linguistic variety and ‘hybridity’ of the English Language has been widely accepted and it is because of this reason the language has been able to give birth to so many forms in different regional and cultural domains. This report makes a conclusion that the Victorian 7-10 Syllabus of the English language is ordained in such manner that finds a close relevance with the principles of different theoretical approaches, such as, the Personal Growth Model, Cultural Heritage Model and the Critical Literacy Model. While on one hand, the 7-10 Syllabus enables the education department to follow a specific and well planned structural approach to guide students in the context of enhancing their efficiency in learning the English Language, moreover, it also germinates among students the capacity of creative thinking, analytical power, an aptitude to understand the politics of modernist existence and finally the spontaneous will to realize the responsibilities of civic and citizenship, irrespective of the radical change that has occurred in the socio-cultural scenario compared to the earlier times.

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