Monday, October 7, 2019

Smart Goals for Internship Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Smart Goals for Internship - Assignment Example During my time in the organization, I worked as a marketing research intern in the marketing department. The marketing department performed the task of conducting market research, advertising, website development, email marketing, blogging and public relations. As a marketing intern, my job involved a plethora of duties, such as conducting consumer, database and media research, participating in public relations, email marketing and product management. I was therefore responsible for communicating with potential clients, customer follow-up, responding to emails, studying the relevant demographic information regarding the customers amongst others. During my internship period in Aboutsla, I had three major goals. First, I purposed to understand how the organization advertises its products and services. This means that I would aid in product management and brand development. My second goal involved acquiring in-depth information based on the target market. The action taken to achieve this goal includes participating in consumer, and business to business market research in the company. My third goal involves acquiring the relevant skills for conducting both qualitative and quantitative market research. In order to achieve this goal, I would be required to actively participate in the departmental activities, for example, helping to compile and prioritize product features, conducting media research and participate in the formation of strategies geared at reaching the target consumers. â€Æ' The overall goal statement is to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge necessary to conduct market research, identify target consumers, product development and management of current consumers so as to achieve the organizations goals. As an intern, the achievement of the set goals will be determined by my proficiency in the carrying out of the responsibilities imparted on a market researcher. For example, when I am able to gather and analyse

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