Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Rise of the American Empire Between the End of the Civil War and Essay

The Rise of the American Empire Between the End of the Civil War and The Early 20th Century - Essay Example The first American acquisition is Alaska in 1867 from Russia for close to $7.2 million largely on the initiative of the secretary of state William Seward1. Although his purchase was sufficiently unpopular at the time, the small American population unlimited economic growth limited them to experience economic prosperity with external traders and missionaries. However, with the discovery of gold in Juneau early 1880 brought about economic prospectors.   Gold in 1896 found along the tributary of the Klondike River was also reported resulting into the massive gold rush in 1897-8. The majority of the Gold miners utilized the precious grains of dust are nearly all in Canadas Yukon Territory creating is inaccessible region from the Alaskan coast. The majority of the gold-diggers come from the USA increased their gold returns. During this same period the United States accidentally acquired extensive overseas responsibilities such as leadership roles that transformed their nation into a powerful empire.   The gradual American involvement with the Hawaii that was annexed as a US territory during the 1900s led to a more dramatic increase in the US involvement overseas increasing Spanish America Spanish war of 1986. Some of the territorial acquisition led to emergence of conflicts. Undertaken with extreme reluctance among the American government, is the Spanish atrocities in Cuba increasing Cuba’s independence. The establishment of new territories as well as proficient armed forces of the navy which enabled them to excel in the war.

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