Tuesday, September 24, 2019

CCC project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CCC project - Essay Example I could have written down my ideas at the same time writing down the suggestions the other group members were voicing out. This way, I could have listened efficiently to what others were saying while keeping track of my own ideas. I want to effectively confront people when they make mistakes without causing them to be offended. I would like to accomplish this with people whom I know personally and those who I don’t know well. In this way, I can point out their mistakes to help them improve in turn, I can learn from their mistakes as well. These people include those who I already know and those who I will be acquainted with in the future. I would like to perform this skill only when it is under the appropriate and necessary situations. 1. I would not always confront others immediately after they made a mistake instead I will tell others about their mistakes in the most appropriate time or situation. This will give time for me to think of the approach I will use on the person and to give time for the person to think over what he or she has done wrong. 2. In dealing with new acquaintances or other people I don’t know well, I will take time to observe them to determine their behavior and attitude before confronting them with their mistakes. Learning how they react and interact will give me an idea on how to tell them their mistakes in the most suitable way that will not offend them. 3. For people that are older than me and whom I don’t know well, I will try my best to relate and befriend these people to easily tell them about their mistakes. Befriending these people will cause them to value my opinion and not treat me as a critic nor an enemy but a friend who cares and wants them to improve. 5. I will learn how to speak to other people about their mistakes in the best way and most appropriate way in accordance to their attitude or character. This way I

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