Thursday, September 12, 2019

An Analysis of the Current Developments in International Advertising Essay - 1

An Analysis of the Current Developments in International Advertising Regulation and the Impact on International Marketing Practice and Consumption - Essay Example Some of the notable marketing aspects include e-marketing, social media marketing, product diversification, repositioning of brands among others. In order to enhance product awareness and customer’s loyalty, global companies such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, General motors, Honda, Apple Incorporation, Pepsi among others have taken wide range of advertisements through satellite television, newspapers, internet and other avenues. This paper gives the analysis of the current developments in international advertising regulations and the impact on international marketing practise and consumption. International advertising involves spreading of messages that are related to a product or a service with an aim of propelling the demand from the existing customers or with the purpose of attracting new consumers. It is important to note that due to the cultural diversity and social aspects in various countries, the way customers perceive or react to an advertisement campaign differs. In this regard, international advertising entails the communicating process that takes into consideration the consumption patterns of the audience, multiple cultures and forms of communication. In the same way, international advertisement has been recognized by international agencies as a profitable business in terms of creating adverts on behalf of organizations. One of the major causes of heated discussion among the advertising managers and academics is advertising standardization. According to the advertising managers, establishment of a comprehensive advertisement campaign entails the identification of local, intrinsic and firm factors that manipulate global advertising. In order to effectively serve the firms that were aimed at operating at an international level, advertising agencies established themselves in various countries. This was based on the high returns that they anticipated by treating the advertising campaigns as business

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