Monday, September 23, 2019

Criminal Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Criminal Justice - Essay Example According to the research findings it can therefore be said that the criminal justice system protects the citizens from the criminal elements. The system includes the United States courts of law. First, the criminal justice system includes the collection of federal agencies, state agencies, and local agencies that focus on monitoring and resolving the United States’ criminal incidents. Each department has the responsibility and as well as authority to process suspects in any reported crime under its jurisdiction. Likewise, each department must take control of and ensure custody of each defendant in any crime. Lastly, each department shall ensure each convicted felon serves each sentence that the courts render on each suspect or defendant. In addition, the legislative branch of the United States government creates the basic framework of each criminal justice department. Ralph Henham insists the criminal justice laws must shift to the restorative justice concept. The concept sta tes that each convicted felon is trained by the penitentiary to drop their evil ways become productive members of society, after serving their jail sentences. In addition, judicial branch of the United States implements its own basic framework for each criminal justice department to implement. Geoffrey Scarre emphasizes the courts include mitigating or aggravating circumstances when deciding cases. Finally, the executive branch of the United States government implements its own tenets for each criminal justice organization. ... Mental disorders among the juveniles significantly increase the possibility of their arrests. However, other research findings indicate the criminal justice organization must be cautious or compassionate when arresting or taking custody of the confused juvenile delinquent, especially those with acquired deficit activities and opposition defiant problems. Further, the prisons are responsible for monitoring the convicted felons and suspects within penitentiaries. Bean Philip (1999) reiterated the technology reduces the cost to hire more jail guards and within the penitentiary. Technology includes the use of CCTV cameras replace human beings as keepers of the peace and surveillance tools within the jail premises. In addition, the courts weigh the evidences as basis passing judgment. K. Douglas (Douglas, 1997) reiterates the Jury used photographic evidences to strengthen the guilty verdict. In addition, bureaucracy maximizes the criminal justice organization’s efficiency. However, the line and staff organization reduces flexibility. During some occasion, the bureaucracy is synonymous with the red tape. Red tape means there are too many unnecessary rules, laws, or policies that may hinder fast, effective, and efficient implementation of the justice. Often bureaucracy impedes immediate implementation of justice. The leadership in criminal justice organizations. Ron Cacioppe (1997) accentuates leadership wisdom is of prime importance in the criminal justice organization. First, the leaders must hone their current skills in critical thinking. Next, the leaders of the criminal justice organization should enhance their current crisis leadership prowess. In addition, the criminal justice system’s leaders must improve their present change management

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