Friday, September 27, 2019

Private Security Laws Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Private Security Laws - Essay Example The peace officers that have been employed by the government entities have a separate set of rules and requirements then the ones who are being employed by private security officers. The peace officers belonging to any kind of private investigation business or private security business that are engaged in this business, with the consent and knowledge of chief executive officer who belongs to the law enforcement agency of the peace officer, may be exempted from the requirements and rules which are applicable to other security officers in the state of Maryland (Security Officer Law & Legal Definition, 2013). The private security officers are employed by the private security companies to protect the physical property as well as the lives of humans. They are obliged by law in the state of Maryland to enforce rules and procedures of their employers, prevent trespassing to the property of customers and employers, control access and prevent the damage or loss of the employer’s property or asset. They are also responsible for managing the flow of traffic by allowing only authorized visitors and employees and deter any kind of criminal activity on the property of their clients. The responsibilities of private security officers may differ from police officer and other government security officers in the state of Maryland, as they do not have the same authority and duties as public law enforcement officers. The private security officers in Maryland are permitted to exercise the arrest authority, while most of them may have a similar arrest authority like any normal citizen of state. Priva te security officers may also have same power and authority of arresting as the Sheriff Deputies while they are on the property that they have been paid to protect (Licensing Information, 2014). Â  Private security companies and the officers who work for them are always

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