Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Twining and Company Limited Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Twining and Company Limited - Essay ExampleAlthough, Twinings have a broad customer segment, it tin focus on the four prospective segment of female population particularly professional women, college or university students, catering work and health conscious customers in and well-nigh Hull. With its existing products providing good results, Twinings can launch its marting campaigns incorporating certain effective aspects of marketing mix to increase its market share and do goods even further. Twining and Company Limited 1. Introduction Twinings is professed by Associated British Foods, a FTSE top 50 company with an annual dollar volume exceeding ?4 billion, since 1964. (twinings.com). Twinings does not own any tea gardens or any tea factories, and instead they source form a well actual network of tea estates and suppliers. These network of growers and suppliers of Twinings were from India, Sri Lanka, China, Kenya, Indonesia and Brazil. (twinings.com). Twinings markets these sou rced tea under various brand names and varieties, currently exchange more than 100 varieties of regional and flavored teas. Twining has a infrangible team of tea tasters or quality controllers, marketing team and other departments to reach the finished tea to the target customers in UK, France, USA, Australia Scandinavia, Russia, Italy and some Asian countries. (twinings.com). Twinings is selling these varieties of tea backed by a strong marketing campaign, which can be further optimized to make it competitive during the period of Christmas 2011 in Hull in UK SWOT Strengths Twinings have a longstanding presence in tea market, having been established 300 years ago. (twinings.com). Have a strong long-standing relationship with growers and suppliers from around the world. As they do not own any tea gardens and tea factories (so they do not grow or manufacture), they does not need to use their own produce, instead they are sourcing quality tea from various growers, manufacturers and s uppliers. (twinings.com). Follow advanced and quality processing standards and technique (twinings.com). Founding member of Ethical Tea partnership Weaknesses Strong dislike for its The New Earl Grey mixture or brand among majority of its customers. (Brown). Customers disliked the taste of The Early Grey, with many customers complaining the new variety makes it hard for them to sleep at night. (Brown). Although, Twinings is the founding member of Ethical Tea Partnership, it is being accused of indulging in unethical practices Twinings does not offer monetary value advantage, as its products price is equal to or more than other brands high price. Opportunities Twinings can offer a range of specialty Teas, infusions and Green Teas to maximize profit potential from high margin products. (twiningsfs.co.uk) Twinings has good opportunities in the health tea segment and can offer more varieties of health enriching teas to health conscious customers It can offer Premium tea experience as the customers are prepared to pay more. (twiningsfs.co.uk) Can tie-up with food outlets and other restaurants Can also have-to doe with with or sell to catering companies which does service in the hospitality, airlines and other corporate sectors. Threat Dislike among customers for new varieties Twinings decision to shift its production processes from UK to Poland and China, could lead to credit line losses among the local population, thereby creating negative image among the UK target customer base. (telegraph.co.uk 2011) Entry of low priced equivalents from local manufacturers as well as foreign manufacturers,

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