Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Science and Grammar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Science and Grammar - Essay ExampleAt the same time, acquisition becomes meaningful when it is disseminated to a boastful group of people. Some people are likely to ignore these facts, but doing so is just refusing to accept the fact and reality. With this in mind, some students and people at large may question the importance of having to write scientific issues and concepts correctly with no grammatical or spelling mistakes.There is no particular and particularized definition of science, as more definitions are likely to be created by different people in different academic fields. However, in most cases, science can be perceived to constitute intellectual and practical activity, which may involve the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural initiation through observation and experiment (Ray 2). Science from this simple definition can be seen to be important and critical to the lives of people and in the generation and distribution of knowledge. Students may think that, as long as the main idea in the scientific knowledge has been advanced to the reviewer, there is no big terra firma to worry and have concern with regard to grammar and correct spelling. The students may think that these aspects are not important in scientific world. However, students have to know this is not the case or is not a position, and as a teacher, I can support.Just like the way grammar and spelling considerations are important in other fields, students should know that the same applies in scientific world. Just imagine reading scientific piece of knowledge that is full of grammar mistakes and spelling. First, as a reader of such hold, one is likely to consider the writer not serious with the work or even the writer to be careless. Moreover, the reader of such article is likely to be discouraged or even to become disinterested in reading such an article from the world go. As a result, the scientific

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