Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bullying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Bullying - Essay ExampleMcFadden is the name of the social worker I was interviewing. McFadden has been working in a local juvenile for twenty years. In the interview, the social worker explained how children who are bullies force out becoming bullies. She also outlined some measures that can be taken to prevent recidivism. In the interview, she highlighted some recommendation that could stop the bullying behaviour among children.I started the interview by asking the social worker what it meant to be a bully and whether the bullying characteristics are evident in offender. She responded by saying a bully who has aggressive behaviors towards others. She said that bullying has become a emergence challenge in the world, but it is more prominent in America. According to McFadden, many people do not understand how serious bullying is. The image of suicides as a result of bullying has increased over the last few years (Sanders, 2004). McFadden said that a person is bullied if he or sh e is assailable to negative actions repeatedly from others. She highlighted that there were two types of bullying direct bullying and verifying bullying. Direct bullying is attacking someone publically while indirect bullying is harassing a person by banishing them socially. What I erudite from the interview is that, bullying has a long term effect on the bully if their behavior is not corrected on time. McFadden argued that, bullies have a high probability to be convicted as deplorable and more likely be offenders. Bullies display a serious conduct problem and other externalizing behaviors. They are seen to lack self-control and found reckless. The social worker also said that it is evident that children who bully their peers end up becoming offenders later in life. Bullying others at schools is a very high predictor of a child becoming a criminal offender in the future.During the interview, I asked the social worker on the measures

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