Monday, June 17, 2019

Information management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Information management - Essay Example38). It provides an opportunity to introduce best practices and organizational regeneration to deliver significant contri thoion for result-based corporate achievement.This paper will explicate the role of information and knowledge management in company development but focused on the application of the principles to case at handthe THB Confectionary, a producer of hazel nut toffees which evolved and maximized e-commerce to expand its products from what was originally produced.Tim Hazel-Brown (THB) operated a factory in Derby by selling hazel nut toffees. Recently, THB Confectionery expanded its business line by launching an online competition to guess the time and mail service of old coins and stamps imprinted on to the inside of their products sweet wrappers. This added a new angle in the business management. The guessing competition pertaining to sourcing coins and stamps was sustained and self-contained responses globally from those who sha red interests and enthusiasm. Most of those who joined are presumed to be coins and stamp collectors.This inspired Tim to add more value in customer management because the mount evokes new meaning that last longer than the taste and memory of a delicious candy. What the company has done was to imprint coins and stamps in gold and silver elude that are historically emanating from AD60 a historic representation of gem indeed.Tim professed that the entry of modern information technology hastens their decision to integrate e-commerce in their business trading operations which is supporting the whole chain from supply, delivery, and customer service. Through internet and social media, THB Confectionery was able to develop its global market, thus, the expansion of confectionary and the sourcing of coins and stamps in 2007 that enticed supports from other businessmen in Asia. These online communities, which came from varied countries, have wealth of information that has

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