Monday, June 10, 2019

Leadership Position.Cross Cultural Decision Making Assignment

Leadership Position.Cross Cultural Decision Making - Assignment ExampleInternational business ethical motive is of high value, especially when team members originate from different countries. It is a spicy mixture, if team members originate from UK, Brazil, Egypt and Colombia. A mixture of Eastern and Western culture is an trenchant conglomerate, but it may take time and effort to make this unity successful. A diverse world requires numerous opportunities and gives many chances for goals realization either by individuals or by the company. A leader is a mediator of relations between employees and organization. From his apt communication of goals depends future performance of the organization. A current labour is challenged by international nature not only of its team members, but also by location of plants. The first plant is establish in Ireland and the piece plant is located in Honduras. Raw materials come from different international companies. Manufacturing plants are located in different countries and it is very much important that cultural differences in communication among employees of the plants should be properly considered by a leader. For example, lingual and cultural barriers fag exist. To overcome them a wise leader should set arrange goals and inspire team members of high performance by means of rewards. ... That is why it is very important for employee the way he is perceived by the leader and other members of his team. Therefore, to motivate employees from different countries, it is possible to take the following steps to choose between need-based models of motivation and process-based models of motivation. In accordance with Hofstede (2003), the first type of model is based on social orientation, power orientation, uncertainty orientation, and goal orientation. This approach is relevant to representatives of uncertainty-avoiding cultures, when employees are focused on job stability and a personal security. It is break off to implement r einforcement, which leads to positive outcomes and avoid punishment, which leads to negative outcomes (Trompenaars, 2004). To avoid misunderstanding, it is better for managers to develop his practices in compliance with a formal code of ethics of the organization. Ethical dilemmas can be dealt in interactive way, when members of organization have an opportunity of trainings visiting, which are mainly focused on ethical aspects of business (Alanazi & Rodrigues, 2003). Social responsibility is other integrative element of a successful international leadership. Basic human needs of employees, their rewards, promotion and support should be of high importance for the modern leaders. A modern process of decision making should be regulated by a leader with respect to the following facts a set of social relationswhich includes consumption patterns, market regulations, ownership and control structures, labor conditions, government decision making, and the motivations and aspirations of the actors involved (Thompson 1994, p. 4). Especially in the international context these factors play even

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