Monday, April 15, 2019

Nonviolent video game Essay Example for Free

Nonviolent video game Essay video games originated as a new form of relaxation back just about 30 years ago, with the kickoff ones being just basic ideas and basic goals. But as time has gone on they fall in grown into a far groovyer thing spanning to all walks of like. There are hundreds of ways to serve well alleviate the stress you experience every daylight, so Im going to focus on one that numerous of you may not have considered before video games. If youre in a stressful situation that you pietism avoid, its important to take a time out and give your mind a wear out so you stand avoid the exhaustion stage of stress. Even if you take a 30 minute break, you can help re-boot your brain and return to your work more focused. Now the question is what do you do for 30 minutes? Play a video game of course Any game you play bequeath give your mind something to do so that youre not dwelling on your stressor era you take your break with the added satisfaction of doing somet hing enjoyable. If youre not a gamer, dont worry There are tons of games that you can narrow for large-minded online or as apps for your phone that can help you relax after a tough day and blow off some steam.If youre already a gamer, you may never have thought about games as a means for stress relief. A study recently performed by a Texas AM International University professor suggests that even violent video games can reduce depression and hostile feelings in young adults. This study focused on violent games (such as Call of Duty) and young adults so the results simply dont apply to everyone however anyone can find a game that will suit their wants and needs in order to see the benefits. Here are some tips for picking the right game for you Tip 1 Consider your time/money budget.If you can moreover spare 30 minutes or scathe is a concern, then look for free apps on your phone or games on the internet. On your app-enabled phone, freeze out the games section and sort the games b y price to see the available free games. Tip 2 If youre new to games, pick something that suits your other interests. For example, if you like to read fondness books, try playing a fantasy game. If you often get angry when you are stressed, try a shooter game. Killing zombies and aliens is a great way to release some anger. Tip 3 Keep it simple, especially if you are already a gamer.If your favorite game also makes you want to throw your controller sometimes, then its probably not the high hat choice for a stress-relief activity. If you are new to games, pick something with simple controls such as mouse only games, or motion controlled games like on the Wii. Tip 4 Have fun The whole menstruum of using games as a stress reliever is to re-vitalize your brain and keep your stressor at bay, for a while anyways. Application When you are stressed you can just start playing a game and get lost in it for hours This is a technique that can be used alone or with friends determination Eve ryone enjoyed playing Mario in class. It was a fun experience.

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