Monday, April 8, 2019

In the Dream of the Man that was Dreaming, the Dreamt Man Woke Essay Example for Free

In the Dream of the humankind that was Dreaming, the Dreamt Man Woke EssayBy traditional definition, perception is anything that can be known through the five senses. However, this bring up adds another dimension to the idea about perception. It implies that perception is not dictated by the five senses, just by the genius.If a man perceives something, he has either seen it, meetd it, felt it, smelt it, tasted it, or any combination of those. A man knows that a car has crashed because he saw the collision and heard the garish noise. He knows that he likes steak through enjoying its pleasant relish and satisfying taste. In addition, he knows that fire is burning because the nervous system allows him to feel its warmth. However, one usually forgets that it is impossible to use these senses without the brain, which controls each of these perceptions. The quotation serves as a supporting reminder of this idea.Arguably, the dreaming man is able to perceive a dreamt man wak ing up. Yet, he does not necessarily see the man with his own eyes, because his eyelids be shut. He does not hear the dreamt man with his ears he does not feel the man with his hands, and he certainly doesnt taste or smell the man. So how is he able to perceive him? He is able to perceive him because his brain still functions, creating the word picture of the dreamt man waking. Now, the reason why the brain creates the image of the dreamt man is for another paper, about dream interpreting. The quote simply implies that we perceive only what our brain wants us to, and that our brain may even make us perceive what is not human beings.It may be possible that we do not always know what is reality even if it is right in front of us. For example, today might feel like a insentient day, yet it is still about 50-60 degrees F. However, in the winter months of January and February, a 60 degree day may not feel so cold. In fact, it would even feel warm compared to the usual freezing tempe rature.This is because the brain interprets what messages are sent through the nervous system, and it tells the dead body to feel warm because it is used to a colder temperature. Recently, overdue to the sniper shootings, Americas Most Wanted conducted a study which proved that the brain can affect what a source may have seen with his or her own eyes. This is a major cause of the inconsistent eyewitness accounts of the shootings. These are just a few examples that prove that perception is under the complete control of the brain.Perception is practically more than what the body is able to sense it is how the brain interprets the information it receives through those senses. Even while the body is in slumber, the brain continues to interpret and create perceptions. Does the brain have a mind of its own?

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