Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Character of Genji in THE TALE OF GENJI Essay

The Character of Genji in THE TALE OF GENJI - Essay Example For political reason, Hikaru is shown demoted to a status of a commoner. He attains the title with the surname Minamoto and starts his career as an Imperial Officer. Analysis of the character of Genji would not be similar to that of the other protagonists of the general novel - classical or modern. The novel is presented in a psychological paradigm therefore; the character presentation or the trajectory of the character development of the novel must be represented or drawn in psychological realm. A close introspection to the character of Genji will launch its readers to a realm pretty much different from the apparent representation of the character, just mundane to the Japanese chronicle. The trajectory of the character development for Genji appears to its readers with a broad spectrum. The positive and the negative aspect and both with the extreme appeal are well synchronised and presented elaborately within a single character representation. The fall and rise of the character in literature is evident and the character of Genji in this regard is not an exception either. But the rise or the development of the character of Genji is well coordinated and framed psychologically. The maturity noticed in the character of Genji and his maturity is shown with due time crafted out logic and it does not appear all of a sudden in front of its readers. The events and the course of incidents with due time makes Genji more matured and helps the reader along with the protagonist himself to have a wider and a broader perspective of world with a more edged and matured world view. During the initial years of Genji, he was noticed as an impulsive and emotional masculine with strength, courage and valour. But with due time, Genji was shown to be grown up as a matured male who keeps the capacity to balance his personal life with that of the professional. With tremendous display of the strength of character, he shows the

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