Thursday, August 8, 2019

Managerial Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Managerial Leadership - Essay Example In the development of a proper individual authentic journey report, there are several different tools of enquiry that can effectively be used. In writing this paper, an auto ethnographical approach has been utilized. Autoethnography provides the user with a basic platform whereby the writer is the main subject of the general enquiry and as such, the tool will prove to be invaluable in the writing of this paper. Authentic Leadership Report Introduction Background of the Report As the age of materialism gradually grids to a halt, the entire concept behind the authenticity of leadership has in recent times been receiving significant amounts of general attention as more and more people continue in the search for what exactly makes people happy and provides meaning especially to their work lives. People are nowadays seeking to try and establish more meaning in their everyday lives. The general concept of â€Å"meaning† and â€Å"authenticity† can be deemed as appearing to be almost the same. However, it due to the efforts of the major philosophical movement that is commonly referred to as existentialism that has consistently been carefully studying the concept of authenticity over a time-period spanning many centuries that we are now able to better understand what exactly is authenticity in addition to developing an exact connection as regards to its relationship to the general concept of meaning. By taking the time to conduct this authentic leadership report on my own person, I hope to be able to further develop my own capabilities as an authentic leader by carefully establishing all my authentic leadership qualities as well as working hard to ensure that I improve on those qualities that I note to be impeding my growth as an authentic leader in today’s modern society. I believe that as an authentic leader, I will be more able to work towards changing the general society’s common misconception that most leaders and especially those who a re in high positions within government and some of the large private corporations are invariably inauthentic. Report Aims and Objectives The prime aim of going through this journey of writing this authentic journey report was to try and establish what exactly were the main highlights of my life that invariably served to help me in my growth as an authentic leader in addition to playing a key role in defining my authentic leadership footprints. The world is steadily recovering from the recent global economic recession that was seen to affect many countries around the world. Although some of the country’s have successfully managed to rebuild their shattered economies, some countries in Europe such as Spain and Greece as still struggling with the effects of these recession a factor that has caused them to try and

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