Monday, August 12, 2019

President's Role in the Regulatory Process Article

President's Role in the Regulatory Process - Article Example In evaluating the role of the president in the regulatory process, there exist two sets of distinctions. The president is an advocate or rather the formulators of policies enacted by the congress (Himmelberg, 1994). The president execute theoretical establishment manned by the chief executive. In this regard, the president’s role is to provide a regulatory process that functions for the citizens and not against them. The process should be dedicated to improving citizens’ safety, health, the surroundings, and encouraging growth of economy and creating jobs to citizens. The president is responsible for providing guidance, assistance in planning and dispute resolution (Lubbers, 2006). During his term as the president of the U.S, President Reagan issued an executive order that aimed to carry out a cost benefit analysis of certain regulatory processes from agencies. This order ensured that agencies followed the desires of the coalitions that enacted the procedures. The procedures are eventually used to establish a decision-making environment for agencies in their daily operation. In my opinion, I think President Obama has impressed the best regulatory process in furthering administration goals. In this process, the president has employed recommendations that offer a harmonious relationship between the agencies and the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs of the state. The president Obama has provided guidance on transparency and disclosure. He also encourages the public to take part in agency regulatory process. In president Obamas’s regulatory process, he allowed suggestion made on the function of the cost-benefit analysis of the economic laws. He applies a decentralization method of regulatory process in that it is not stakeholders only that are involved in the process but citizens also take part in the process and not . In conclusion, regulations are means with which agencies execute definite laws and general goals of the

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