Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Impact of Globalization on the Human Resource Management of Dissertation

The Impact of Globalization on the Human Resource Management of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) - Dissertation Example This is carried out with a view of ensuring that these corporations are able to counter the challenges they experience in achieving their set objectives and remain competitive in their trade activities. This research proposal intends to utilize the following academic publications on assessing the impacts of globalization on the human resource management of transnational corporations. Key Academic Publications 1. Kayode, O 2012 ‘Impact of globalization on human resource management,’ Science Journal of Business Management, vol. 2012, no. 3, pp. 1–4. The science journal by Kayode on the impact of globalization examines the impact of the work force on the human resource department of an organization with offices that are local or based in other countries. It discusses different issues that drive the aspect of globalization within the workforce along with the challenges that confront these departments on the global scene. The author, Kayode, begins by giving an introdu ction to the current trends of globalization and also provides the definition and the roles of the department. He suggests that it is in charge of managing the human resources in a transnational corporation. ... It will also help my research by highlighting the benefits, challenges and other issues that are affecting these departments. 2. Hunter, LW & Katz, HC 2012, ‘The impact of globalization on human resource management and employment relations in the US automobile and banking industries,’ The International Journal of Human Resource Management, vol. 23, no. 10, pp. 1983-1998. The authors, Hunter and Katz, discuss the effects of globalization on employment relations and its differential impact throughout the different types of capitalism. They suggest that globalization affects different industries in specific ways. In addition, the journal discusses issues like job security, work organization, remuneration systems, and enterprise governance within transnational corporations in the US. It specifically addresses the issues which affect the transnational organizations that are headquartered in the US. The article additionally makes a comparison of the changes that occur in these two industries and their nature of correspondence to the American liberal economy (Hunter and Katz, 2012). The article will help my research by providing more insights into how employment relations in transnational corporations have been affected by the issue of globalization. 3. Friedman, BA 2007, ‘Globalization implications for human resource management role,’ Employee Responsibilities & Rights Journal, vol.1, no. 19, pp. 151–171. The article discusses the influences that globalization has on transnational corporations competing for customers who have very high expectations as regards the cost, quality and performance of the products they buy. It highlights the pressures that the globalization process has imposed on their human resource

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