Friday, November 1, 2019

Critically analyse the value of Roche's dramatological dimension Essay

Critically analyse the value of Roche's dramatological dimension perspective in helping us to understand the meaning of megaevents - Essay Example Another disadvantage is the threat f terrorism. First and foremost, a number f studies have shown that any city bidding for the Olympic Games is normally benefited with better infrastructure including new transport systems, latest media and communication's equipments and high standard sport facilities. For example, according to Gerlin, Sydney, where the Summer Games 2000 was organised, has been left with an expanded airport, a large number f main roads upgraded, and especially new and high standard sport facilities including the gigantic Telstra Stadium ( 2005, 54). Besides, the Games usually gives the host city an incentive to transform itself that otherwise might never have been attempted (Burton, 2003, Internet). This may be illustrated by the Barcelona 1992 Games. Gerlin mentioned that before bidding for the Games, insufficient road access, airport and coastline was what this city tackled. However, the Games created opportunity for Barcelona to be financed with ambitious projects. As a result, after the Olympics, Barcelona re ceived a noticeable new appearance such as new seafront, underground roads, and become one f the most favourite tourist destinations in Europe ( 2005, 52, 53). The second advantage is the increasing ability to obtain greater economic growth. ... For example, the report f PriceWaterhouse Coopers about the business and economic benefits f the Sydney 2000 informed that the Games helped NSW earn $3 billion in business outcomes, over $6 billion from tourists spending during 2001, received more than $6 billion f investments and so on (New South Wales Department f State and Regional Development, year unknown, Internet). Such changes may create more job opportunities, increase business income, raise Government budget and encourage economic activities. In support, those benefits mentioned above may be the reason why Barcelona experienced such a significant growth that doubled every year from 1986 to 1991 (Preuss, 2004, 65). Finally, bidding for the Games is an extreme opportunity for any city and country to enhance its national pride and image due to its increases in international exposures, found out by the KPMG Peat Marwick studies (Toohey & Veal, 2000, 209). Concurrently, Preuss proved that the Games is the quickest and most effective way to show the major changes in the hosting country to the world economy. For instance, South Korea was able to replace the image f a developing country by a modern and high technology industry thanks to staging the Olympics. Another important example is the case f the Sydney Olympics 2000. Young and Rubican found that before the Games, foreigners often considered Australia as country f great source f raw material. However, after the Olympics, the image f Australia has been changed in to a "friendly, fun and trust worthy" tourist destination (Preuss, 2004, 20, 48). It should be noticed that those increases in the world's level f awareness about the host country are rea lly important, because not only do they attract a vast number f future

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